Music Gear - (guitars, amps, pedals)


So Whice of you guys here play? What do you play? How long? Whatcha got?

I had three guitar lessons when I was 12. Couldn’t afford them anymore. So Pete Townshend, Neil Young, The Beatles, Pearl Jam and Nirvana literally taught me how to play the guitar. Put the music on and figure it out.

I became a Telecaster nut. Eddie Vedder, Pete Townshend had me ( Still do ) in their grip my whole youth.


  1. 1996 Fender Standard Telecaster - Black- ( modded into an Esquire with a Fender Broadcaster pickup )

  2. 2011 Fender Nashvile Telecaster - Honey Blonde - ( modded - Classic series Tele Neck and Fender Nocaster pickups ) my poor mans Nocaster

  3. 2012 Fender blacktop FSR - Sea foam Pearl Telecaster ( modded - Kent Armstrong P90 in the neck, Fender 62’ tele bridge pickup

  4. 2012 Fender Telecaster Custom 72’ - Sunburst - ( Fender Original Tele bridge pickup )

  5. 2012 Fender Baja Telecaster - Blonde - Stock

  6. 1998 Fender Classic series 50’s Telecaster - White Blonde - ( Fender blackguard pickups )

  7. Veddercaster - ( black sparkle ) - Lindy Fralin 5% underfund P90 neck, Nocaster Bridge pickup )

  8. 1998 Epiphone Casino ( Cherry Sunburst ) my Lennon wrecking machine


2013 Fender Blues Tweed Deluxe with matching cab


  1. Ibanez Tubescreamer
  2. Boss Blues Driver
  3. Catalinbread WIIO pedal ( love me some Pete townshend )
  4. Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb
  5. Electro Harmonix Big Muff
  6. Dunlop Crybaby
  7. Electro Harmonix Small Stone phase
  8. Digitech Whammy Pedal
  9. Dan electro Dan Exho

  1. Ovation Viper solid-body electric from the late 70’s. This is my first guitar.

  2. Heritage H-535 ('99) semi hollow made here in Kalamazoo at the old Gibson plant.

  3. G&L Legacy 3-bolt ('93) Maple neck and a hot bridge pickup that I forgot the name of. This is the one I’ve been playing the most lately.

  4. Takamine EF360SC from the early 80’s (post lawsuit model).

  5. Wechter-Scheerhorn resonator guitar from about 2006.

  6. Peavey Classic 30 amp with tube tamers.

  7. Rat distortion pedal - ('82?) Original version, made here in Kalamazoo at the old ProCo plant.

  • 2 tenor banjos; one my grandfathers old one of mysterious origins, and a fairly new Framus. Also a hammer dulcimer, many harmonicas, flutes and noisemakers.


It was a toss up for me between the fender blues deluxe and the peavey classic. How’s she sound?


I like that little Peavey quite a bit. Before I got the “tube tamer” the tubes rattled horribly, but now not at all. It has a nice warm tone and breaks up pretty nicely when you overdrive it. What I don’t like about it there’s no way to bypass on it and go directly into an interface for recording. The newer(?) models have that capability.

I’ve used a Blues Deluxe before and really like that amp too… probably a little more than mine.

I actually like to use that amp without any pedals or effects with my Heritage. It has a nice warm, woody tone just straight through. I do also play my G&L through the Rat and it works pretty well for that, but not like some rigs.

I also have a Marshall Valvestate 100 that is OK, but I just use it as a backup.


That sounds cool man.

The blues deluxe tweed dude is cool. It was what I could afford then. I was going through a whole early fender thing and that’s what I could get to get me there.

But…I’m digging those 68’ reissue guys. The Princeton might be on my attack list. Craigslist I’ve been seeing them for 4. I. Trying to play along to certain things and I’m just not getting that fender tone that I could get with a black face guy.


I’ll be back later.


I’ve got a couple of teles. And a Deluxe reverb. And a Rat pedal. And heaven.


They are having a show at our museum on local musical history and have a section on ProCo and the RAT. Also a lot of historical Gibson guitar stuff.


My brother had an original RAT pedal. It was stolen because he was stupid.

I bought my husband a BOSS chromatic tuner pedal. Such a simple thing but it’s made his world so much better. Especially during gigs.


My friend found an original Rat at the city dump back in the 80s. Back then I traded a 70s Distortion Plus for it, and still have it. Great pedal.


I’ve been hearing news that Heritage guitars here in Kalamazoo have fired 13 of their employees today. All their wonderfully gifted craftsmen and women that have been there for years… it sounds like. It seems there are big changes starting to happen as a result of the sale to new ownership that happened a couple years back.

All my friends that work(ed) there have apparently lost their jobs.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear this news.

It seems they’ve completely ruined just about everything I loved about this company.

I hate to do the knee-jerk thing when I don’t know the whole story, but this seems terrible.


I just heard about that and was going to post here, but you already know. We’ll have to see what they do from here on out.


Really sad news in my neck of the woods.


Watched this the other day and thought it was really informative.


My neighbor just brought over his dad’s old guitar from the 50’s. It’s a Gibson ES 125 3/4 size. It has a repaired broken neck, but still plays great!


I would love to have an ES 125. Went to see one in a shop recently but it was in bad need of a neck reset…so the hunt continues.


Can’t believe how small that thing is. It is tiny, but it has a big, open sound. He took it in to Arnie’s to have it looked over and set up. He’s one of the guys that used to work at Heritage and he’s starting his own guitar building business now - but he’s doing work on guitars while he gets funded for the equipment he needs to build from scratch.


He’s got some of those original Gibson headstock decals and he’s going to repaint and swap out the original decal over that hand-painted version my neighbor’s dad had done. I didn’t even notice at first though it looks fairly legit.

They were actually built as student guitars, but they are worth around 2k now.


Looks like a real fun sofa guitar.


Yeah, super comfortable