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Just ordered one of these:

Terminal GAS.



Get a Gibson before they go belly-up.


Yeah, they’ll just pass into new hands as a company. Might be a good thing. Get back to the basics.

Great article/interview with Ted McCarty. It should (but won’t) shut up all the people that say ‘tonewoods’ are a myth–

McCarty interview


A friend contacted me and asked if I’d help him shop for a guitar for his son. I said sure, and when he said he would like to keep it under $1K I thought wow, this might be fun.

His son moved to Colorado and I don’t think his dad gets out there often to see him - he’s around 21 or so. He mentioned to his dad that he’d been playing a lot of guitar lately and really wanted a new one - something nice… like an American Fender Stratocaster.

A USA-made Fender is somewhat hard to find for under a thousand, but I thought it would be possible. He said a used guitar with some mojo would be fine, so I looked into that.

I don’t trust Craigslist as a rule and only found one Strat on there that was a possibility. I decided to go to Guitar Center since every other reasonable option in our city has been run out of business. I did see a used Strat that looked pretty nice for $950. it had a nice neck and was a transparent blonde body - which kind of made me laugh when I saw it in writing. The action needed a slight adjustment and the switch seemed like there was a short in it or something wasn’t right. I asked him to have their in-house guitar tech take a look at it. He called me the next morning and said the bridge pickup was shot and they discovered the body of the guitar had been swapped out among other things… kind of appalling that they had never even looked that much into a used guitar that they were selling in their store for almost a thousand dollars.

I said no thanks, even if you can fix it.

I found a new one that was $1100 and because it was the start of their Labor Day sale I got it for 15% off. I also got them to through in a hardshell case and ship it to Colorado. I hope he likes it, it is a pretty nice birthday present.


Nice job, Dougo! That’s a beauty.


Well done!