Musical Drivel


Pretty sure I just heard Evan Dando singing the jingle on a new Volkswagen commercial.


Wow I wonder how he’s going. I see his tweets or Instagrams and it seems he’s been quite lost for some time, that’s my impression at least


I found out it’s just an old song that Volkswagen used for the commercial. Not like he made a song for the commercial. That made me feel better. I still like him regardless. It’s a song from Schoolhouse Rock.


Types of metal… parody


Gisele unplugged


I have a friend who set up a server and hosts music from his “NAS”.

He’s got a lot of music on there (2,226 albums) and I can stream it while I work off my phone so I don’t clutter up my work machine with a gazillion music files.

I downloaded an app on my phone called DS Audio and I can access his server and stream the music while also downloading the files onto my phone.

It’s a pretty slick setup and I like it much better than iTunes. He calls it Scottify.



Ten Years Gone is the best Led Zeppelin song.



Musc documentary
Skip to 2:55 for the start. Opening titles are way too long.



A stone cold classic if you’ve never seen this

Roasted to s crisp. There was no come back




Wait, Springsteen is only #5?


I was surprised to find that the author didn’t place himself at #1.

Even for the LA Weekly, which I read weekly in paper form for many years, this is garbage. But I guess bloggers are now writers. Lester Bangs is spinning in his grave.


I remember when that aired. The little boy is Carlton.


ICP ‘cover’ Cristina Aguilera

It’s an anthem for a new generation

I’ve always suspected Monkey might be juggalo. Let’s see if he likes this. Whoop! Whoop!


this is satire right?
but he’s spot on about this candyass jammy mother fucker! :wink: just kidding @LBSUNFLWR

  1. Jerry Garcia
    Garcia’s gutless, drug-addled brand of candyass jamming wreaked havoc on rock ‘n’ roll, derailing what had been a form of rebel confrontation and paving the way for spineless hippie quasi-folk. Garcia’s guitar was always listless, flabby and aimless. He never went anywhere and always took his sweet time doing it, yet is endlessly venerated as a soloist on par with the greatest names in musical history. Hogwash. The ultimate illustration of Garcia’s dead-from-the-neck-up approach came when an SFPD officer, patrolling Golden Gate Park at noontime in January 1985, got an acrid whiff of Garcia’s burning cocaine — the peace-and-love icon was freebasing in the front seat of his BMW. Far out, man.