Musical Drivel


I’m floppin’

Can’t wait to get together with my boys
In the Bergatorium to make some noise

We’ll eat like kings and have a few
Maybe a smokey treat or two


Oh boy! Have fun!



I am in the middle of ‘There is a light that never goes out’ (book). This one may be next, if it’s in US in paperback. Will check.


You sir are legend. Robert Smith’s response is wonderful.


It’s amazing.


Has anyone ever noticed the musical similarities between Ten Years After ‘Positive Vibrations’ and Pink Floyd ‘Pigs’? TYA was '74, PF was '77.


And the TYA sounds a bit like Hendrix ‘Little Wing’ from '67.


All three are great songs.

Even if they’re the same one.


This makes me nervous.

I suppose if this happens I’ll have to get some other music handling app, but I don’t really want to lose all my playlists.


i fucking love itunes.
who the hell is bitching about it?

it’s so damn easy to use




Funny tweet:


Big ass hash bash in Ann Arbor this year. Michigan is green!


The Beyonce live show\doc on Netflix is really good.




Nice. I saw some of the JGB shows at that theater years and years ago. It would be nice if the Smiths gave it a go again.


If only.