Musical Drivel


Give it away now.


Sad to hear this, but hoping he makes a full recovery. I agree with Pete Buck - Scott is an unsung hero of rock n roll.



Thelonious Sphere Monk


I’d go see Oasis again if given the chance!!!






Any of you music nerds have a Beck presale code? Asking for a friend.


Just searched on Twitter and didn’t see password but saw the date and regular on sale is Friday.
Did you try google search? Beck Dallas presale code? Or live nation beck presale code. Etc.


Yes, the Dallas code didn’t work. I guess she was just too late to the task.


whose got the phil collins presale code?

asking for a friend.


Does anybody have a George Michael postsale code? Asking for a fiend.


Yep, I’ll PM ya !!




Can’t get the song Different Drum by Michael Nesmith out of my mind.

Unfortunately I can’t find it (or any version worth listening to) on YouTube.

The album called The Hits Just Keep on Coming’ is the one I’m looking for.


I’ve always enjoyed this version, though it is not the one you are looking for.


I like that.

Never really listened to the Lemonheads much.


I loved the lemonheads in the 90’s.
Can drop you some stuff if you want.



Just drop the album in there you like the best if you feel like it.