Musical Drivel




I’ve got this goofy song stuck in my head today.


Our band put out a CD.

We went through the process of getting the covers printed and imprinted the discs themselves. I did the design, with a tri-fold cover etc. with all the lyrics printed. My friend Dan Hook wrote all the songs and handles the lead vocals. My buddy James (Aaron) Bond, who plays all the lead guitar produced, engineered and recorded it in his home studio. I play the harmonica, sing some background vocals and the occasional guitar.


Is there a soundcloud or streaming option?


Saw a bar band tonight called Chris Ross and the North. Good band, decent songs, good guitar player. First Isbell-esque band I’ve seen but I imagine that is a thing now.

I left the bar with Goddam Lonely Love in my head, even though they didn’t play it.


We did put a couple tracks up on bandcamp:



Most overrated guitarist:
Eddie Van Halen.

That tripe that he passed off as soloing thankfully fell out of favor years ago.

Never really did a thing for me. Then to top it off he had one of the biggest douchebags ever for a lead singer.




I love when he says at the end “Me play rock and roll? It’ll never happen!”


I’m picking up my girl at the airport tonight. Her school orchestra played Carnegie Hall last night. Lucky kid.


Wow! What an awesome experience for her.


Sounds like it has been. They got to got to a Yankee game (boo!) and a Broadway show. After their show last night they got to take a dinner cruise. Her conductor is retiring after this year so it’s a big deal. Super happy for her.



Willie and his beloved Trigger.


such a cool guy




Radiohead and Wilco do not belong lumped in with Imagine Dragons and the rest.

I’d take a few bands off that list. I love Bon Iver but understand it’s not for everybody.