Musical Drivel


It’s just click bait.

A chance for a hack writer to get his lame quips in.


sad story. never listened to this band.


I voted for Cold Roses.


I’ve just read that apparently the song that was number 1 on your 14th birthday defines your life

So I looked mine up and it was “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”



Mine is Brand New Key by Melanie.

I actually like that song, but I hardly think it “defines” me.


“Can’t Fight This Feeling” - REO Speedwagon



“Rock with You” MJ.

I do like-a the sex-a. But then again, we all do.


What A Feeling - from Flashdance. God damn. This one is dead on.


Favorite song from the 60’s poll is down to the wire and decisions are tough:


no matter what.
i’m going w/ a stones song


I pretty much did too.



And I’m not a big Stones fan. Just crap competition.


The GLOBE at Goshen college is the station I listen to while working is part of this group. They repeat a couple times a day, but I think most of the stuff they play is decent.

If anybody else has any good internet radio stations I’m all ears.

WIDR is the other college radio station (Western Michigan) I listen to out of Kalamazoo. I’ve listened to them for 40+ years, but sometimes their DJ’s get into some crazy shit I’m not into. They don’t have an affiliation like this and no playlist that I can see anymore. Both stations I listen to have their good points.

Both stations are in the middle of their pledge drives and I gave a small donation to each.

I’m old, I love radio.


The Finals!!


The best place to play music on the internet is the Live Music Archive.


That’s true. I hang out there sometimes.

I like to download shows I went to. I have a few of Grateful Dead, Wilco and Ryan Adams and the Cardinals shows that I was at.


Yeah I go on there at work and play GD soundboards and Ryan soundboards. Tons of bands on there I’m just not sure about the quality.

Just cool that you can stream and not even have to download.


me too

nothing better than a sunday show on the radio or a baseball broadcast


I listen to a lot of baseball games on the radio too.

I still miss Ernie Harwell.


i can’t stand the yankees sterling (sp?)

his home run calls and nicknames are beyond atrocious and stupid