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Can I like that twice?


First concert - The Who/Toots and the Maytals (I couldn’t make that up)
Last Concert - Damien Jurado
Next Concert - Gaslight Anthem
Most Exciting - hard to pick 1, but I’ll go with Wilco '97 after Being There came out they were still playing smaller clubs and putting on more of a loud sloppy rock show.
Worst Concert - The Hives - deservedly forgotten. 2003 they were big hype, showed up here and mewled and strummed some OKish songs for 35 minutes and then left.
Who have you seen the most - Drive-By Truckers
Worst Venue - Yonge/Dundas Square. They have had a whack of great free shows here (Tedeschi/Trucks! The Stooges! Flaming Lips!) but it is a big concrete publix square with horrible sightlines and hell on the legs
Who have you not seen but would like to - The Continental Drifters (Susan Cowsill, Vicki Peterson, Peter Holsapple - put out 3 terrific CDs in the 90s and then broke up, but do occasional shows in New Orleans)


wilco more exciting than the boss? wtf?


Well, “exciting” might not mean the best show ever. I’ll still take The River tour over anything, but like I said, Wilco was in a small venue, it was close to my 40th birthday and I was with friends who were big fans and needless to say there was beer flowing. And - the guy who runs that club (The Horseshoe) swears it was the best show he ever saw, and he has seen dozens of Springsteen shows all over the place. So there’s that.





Look! No flannel!


But Miley Cyrus? Weird.


She’s been quiet lately…

Btw, more news on the new album he’s working on with Johnny. Johnny’s on vacation right now and he’ll be back in NY at the end of the month. They’re supposed to be finishing up the album in a couple of weeks after that.


Rodknee, what year did you see Dylan?


I’ll play:

First concert - Kiss
Last Concert - Wilco
Next Concert - Nothing planned
Most Exciting - 2003 Rolling Stones at the Budokan.
I never got the fan club pre-sale email and the fan club wouldn’t help me out so I managed to track down the Stones management company who got in touch with the promoter for me who ended up getting me tickets for the VIP section. I stayed in touch with the person-in-charge at the management company and when the Stones came to Tokyo again in 2006 I contacted him and he got me VIP tickets again.
Worst Concert - Greasy aka Evan Dando.
There was this huge (tall with big belly) guy behind me who kept bumping into me while I was watching the show so I ended up moving to get away from him and after that I couldn’t really see Greasy from where I was standing so I gave up watching.
Who have you seen the most - The Stones
Worst Venue - Tokyo Dome. It’s just too big! It takes forever to get to the beer stands/bathrooms and back to your seat.
Who have you not seen but would like to - Can’t really think of anybody. I’m pretty satisfied with all the bands/musicians that I’ve seen so far but if I can go back in time, I’d love to see 60’s Stones when Brian Jones played with them.


If I could go back in time I’d like to see Bob Marley live!! And see the Grateful Dead in the 70’s. And see The Smiths in the 80’s.


Saw him 2003 and 2009
09 was better


OK as I recall now the worst venue I ever went to was the capital Centre outside of DC and Maryland. A concrete Dome awfulness


And yes I would like to point out my first show was also Kiss.!


Mine was at the Budokan in 1978.
It was so fun and I felt amazing afterwards. I was totally high from the the concert energy!

When the Stones played Budokan for the first time, which was the first time I saw them play the Budokan, they used Kiss’ stage because they hadn’t planned on playing there.
It was an extra show that they added to their Japan tour.


I saw him twice on his Never Ending tour, also. The earlier 2001 show was better than the later 2010 for me.

Even better was 1986 when he toured with Tom Petty and played at the Budokan.
That was a lot of fun! My friend and I waked out of the Budokan singing (or I should say, shouting) “Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door” (that was the last song) and a bunch of people joined in and MTV was there and they filmed us. I don’t know if they ever used the footage…


oooh i can only imagine that tom petty show was awesome.

never saw petty. wish i would have

kathleen edwards opened for that dylan show and she was fucking awesome…way better than him.