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I wish you would have seen TP too. Definitely one of my favorite live bands I’ve ever seen.

I’ve seen Dylan twice. Once in 1995 opening for the Grateful Dead and once a few years ago on that Americanarama tour where My Morning Jacket and Wilco played before him. You know I wasn’t there for him. :blush: He was pretty awful and didn’t have anyone from the other bands come out and play with him. I know they thought they’d have that opportunity. I read an interview with Jim James saying so.

I hope one day to see Bruce bc I never have and The Rolling Stones.


dylan is a brilliant man but he’s kind of grumpy douche too


It’s his writing that I like, not his singing. I prefer other singers covers of Dylan’s songs most of the time.


Rolling Stones for sure, LB. They put on such a great, entertaining show, I’ve never been dissapointed. As a matter of fact, now that I’m back in Japan, if they come play here I’m definitely going to go see them again and again and again. It’s just fun, fun, fun all around like one big Rolling Stones party!

I saw Bruce way back in 1984 on the Born in the USA tour. We had a great time, my ex and I. We even had a very popular Japanese band, The Southern All Stars, sitting right behind us and we all rocked out to Bruce together.


I’m going to change my Worst Concert.
Greasy was a worst concert experience but my worst concert was Eric Clapton in 1995 on his Nothing But The Blues tour. He played nothing but blues covers…



I’m going to see Dylan next month, saw The Stones maybe 15 years ago, Saw The Black Crowes on Southern Harmony tour-Amazing gig , can’t remember my first gig, would have been some Aussie band back in the 80’s ,one that stands out was Split Enz/The Sports double bill when True Colours came out . Would have loved to see Van Morrison, finally got to see The Who a few years ago, but not with Keith or John :cry: and front row at the QPAC Rickie Lee Jones solo gig in 95 was one of the best nights of my life .


I saw her up close in ‘84 at a nice theater…it was the same day that I saw The Dixie Dregs outdoors in the afternoon.


Ah The Magazine tour, I saw her for the 1st time on that tour, was really good, but the sound was not great so took away from it a bit, when I saw her solo it was just her playing acoustic or piano-stunning ! I’ve been lucky enough to see her a few times since, she’s always worth it :grinning:



For that starfucker, the only thing better than snuggling up to MIley is that he (the comic book geek) took her from Thor.


This is drivel, but Ryan asked for questions…


Woah. Must see what he says if he answers you!!



This is on tonight:


so sad. :frowning:



god i just love her spirit, voice and music :wink:

thanks @ultraviolet


Did you catch it? I posted that 10 days ago! :rofl:



I think this is my favorite 45. I played the shit out of this record when I was a kid.

Honorable mention:
Good Lovin’ - The Young Rascals
Light My Fire - The Doors
Summertime Blues - Blue Cheer
Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
Revolution - The Beatles