Musical Drivel


Heard the book was good. I’d like to read it someday. Solo tour not coming near me either. I really like solo Jeff tweedy. I would love to see one of those shows.


I just put the epub version of the book in the box for you and maybe @dommodkees and whoever else that wants to read it.

I hope he decides to come your way and you get to see him, LB. I know how much you like him/Wilco. :grinning:


Thanks!! When he did that Tweedy tour with his son and that band it was good but the set he did alone with an acoustic guitar was the highlight.

I will probably buy the book or ask for it for Christmas :christmas_tree:


Really enjoying this.


Good stuff.


@DougoBlue : John Prine is #1

@thebalvenie : Brandi Carlile is #2


There’s more good songs than bad songs on this list!

I guess that should leave us feeling a bit more optimistic about “country” music.