Musical Drivel


Heard the book was good. I’d like to read it someday. Solo tour not coming near me either. I really like solo Jeff tweedy. I would love to see one of those shows.


I just put the epub version of the book in the box for you and maybe @dommodkees and whoever else that wants to read it.

I hope he decides to come your way and you get to see him, LB. I know how much you like him/Wilco. :grinning:


Thanks!! When he did that Tweedy tour with his son and that band it was good but the set he did alone with an acoustic guitar was the highlight.

I will probably buy the book or ask for it for Christmas :christmas_tree:


Really enjoying this.


Good stuff.


@DougoBlue : John Prine is #1

@thebalvenie : Brandi Carlile is #2


There’s more good songs than bad songs on this list!

I guess that should leave us feeling a bit more optimistic about “country” music.


Happy Birthday, Keith! :cake: :confetti_ball: :balloon:


Thinking about starting a jazz punk band named The Idiot Mittens.


If you do then I hope that the Idiot Mittens rule the world.


Cap n crunch berries



yup, he was very, very high…



That thing is beautiful. My friend has a Duolian. Sounds like bells.


I have a square neck resonator guitar, but i’d rather have something like that.

I wish I had a round neck one with actual frets sometimes.

Not that familiar with the Duolian.




Always the teacher…

Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane posted this. If you ever get to Athens Ohio go to Fur Peace and go see his original psychodelic music flyer collection from the Haight Ashbury scene. They are mind blowing. Great venue, good tea. Jorma is a wonderful host.


First concert - Queen, when I was 12.

Last Concert - Noam Pikelny and Stuart Duncan

Next Concert - Willie Watson

Most Exciting - Kathleen Edwards

Worst Concert - James McMurtry. I’ve walked out of two of his shows.

Who have you seen the most - Springsteen. Although not for over a decade now.

Worst Venue - Pepsi Ice Center in Bloomington, IL. Saw Dylan there. Echoey, terrible sound.

Who have you not seen but would like to - Jamie Lin Wilson


Wow, I saw McMurtry solo acoustic in a great tiny theater and it was awesome.