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The Beyonce live show\doc on Netflix is really good.




Nice. I saw some of the JGB shows at that theater years and years ago. It would be nice if the Smiths gave it a go again.


If only.




I love this. Does it in stride. Rob Halford was my favorite metal singer in the 80’s. He’s still a badass.


I was not aware the Beatles were a boy band?
CNN seems to think so by comparing BTS to the Beatles??


To be fair they probably were one of the first boy bands.


Agreed. And, believe it or not, Genesis was a boy band too. Their first album, From Genesis To Revelation, is basically a bunch of demos about young love, lost love, etc.


… but Genesis’ singer was a little different than the rest of the boy bands.


True, but his stage dramatics didn’t start until their second studio album, Trespass, came out. Their first album was shear pop mush.


I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about their origins… but I do like their first few albums.

Then Selling England By The Pound, I loved.


I think it all depends on what one’s definition of “boy band” is. To me “boy bands” are/were mostly created by someone not actually in the band. They’re assembled vocal groups primarily. Not actual musicians. The only prerequisites needed is a certain look, be able to carry a tune half decent & dance OK. Talented musicians & songwriters need not apply. For these reasons, I have to completely disagree on the Beatles and Genesis being considered “boy bands”. Even in their early years.


The Beatles are as much of a boy band as Led Zeppelin :smile:


I agree with this definition. And by that definition, the Sex Pistols were a boy band.

I’ve said that for many years, and I stand by it.


I agree.



This is rather disturbing. How could all these master recordings not not have been stored in a vault that was fireproof.