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Wow! I hadn’t even thought of how it would affect reissues for the 00 bands. No masters to remaster. What a huge loss. That artist list is unreal. No wonder they didn’t report it. Lawsuit time.


I listened about this yesterday on NPR. So sad… the list of masters lost is hard to comprehend.


Today is College Radio Day.

I credit/blame college radio with my life-long obsession with music.

I started listening to WIDR the college radio station at Western Michigan University back when I was in high school in the mid 70’s. Before that I listened to an “Underground” FM station. WIDR sponsored a lot of great events and music shows around town and promoted new, less popular music that I was and still am drawn to. They had a show called Bits & Pieces that was on at noon every weekday and played an hour of music by a particular band or artist. So many of the artists they picked - it was kind of a best-of format -were favorites of mine. I often taped the shows on cassette. They also had a show called Bottoms and Tops that featured a new album that would fit into their playlist. This was great music and molded my musical views from that point on. I still have many of those tapes and listen to them occasionally out in the studio.


I still listen to college radio. Mostly The Globe in Goshen, Indiana.

Here’s the last three songs they’ve played:

Oklahoma - Keb Mo
Wind Blows Chloe - Foy Vance
I Wanna Be Your Dog - Uncle Tupelo

The DJ who is probably under 20 pronounce their name Uncle Tupey -Low.




Touch my monkey!


Peeve time.

That’s one of those garbage links where it loads 10 pages deep so that when you try to use your back button you are in a forever spiral and can never leave unless you go back 10 layers at once.

I always wondered why anyone with a blog would allow such bullshit navigation to be applied to their blog if they actually want people to return and read a second time.

I did not know that Peter Gabriel put of German versions of two of his albums. Since I am not German, I also kind of don’t care. It seems they are taking a novelty and turning into something with some obscure meaning. Like a ‘George Washington slept here’ thing.

Not being negative, it just seems that way.


Sounds like you’re being negative, Bruv.


This sounds pretty horrible.



I’m a fan.

My kids requested “Red Right Hand” every time we took a road trip and this went on for nearly two years.


I think I mentioned we’ve been live streaming like everyone else. On this last one, a guy who usually films live bands (when that used to happen) took our shitty phone stream and up res’d it and put it on YouTube. Anyway, here we are.


Love it!!!

I started watching this stream on FB, but got interrupted and missed this song.


Thanks Dougo!


Damn good!
One of my favorite songs

You guys are good!


Thank you balv :kissing_heart:


Great stuff, thanks for sharing!