Musical Drivel


Wow! I hadn’t even thought of how it would affect reissues for the 00 bands. No masters to remaster. What a huge loss. That artist list is unreal. No wonder they didn’t report it. Lawsuit time.


I listened about this yesterday on NPR. So sad… the list of masters lost is hard to comprehend.


Today is College Radio Day.

I credit/blame college radio with my life-long obsession with music.

I started listening to WIDR the college radio station at Western Michigan University back when I was in high school in the mid 70’s. Before that I listened to an “Underground” FM station. WIDR sponsored a lot of great events and music shows around town and promoted new, less popular music that I was and still am drawn to. They had a show called Bits & Pieces that was on at noon every weekday and played an hour of music by a particular band or artist. So many of the artists they picked - it was kind of a best-of format -were favorites of mine. I often taped the shows on cassette. They also had a show called Bottoms and Tops that featured a new album that would fit into their playlist. This was great music and molded my musical views from that point on. I still have many of those tapes and listen to them occasionally out in the studio.


I still listen to college radio. Mostly The Globe in Goshen, Indiana.

Here’s the last three songs they’ve played:

Oklahoma - Keb Mo
Wind Blows Chloe - Foy Vance
I Wanna Be Your Dog - Uncle Tupelo

The DJ who is probably under 20 pronounce their name Uncle Tupey -Low.