Musical Drivel


Demon Sperm would be a great punk band name.


Hell of a guy. Seriously.
I love his ideas about the future of live music.


I just painted some of the walls in my music room yellow ochre. Interesting how many of these color schemes feature that color.



I love Joni and I want her to be well.



Any Sun Ra fans here?

I’ve still got a couple of his albums, I believe. My brother saw him and his Solar Arkestra at the Ann Arbor Blues festival back in the early 70’s and said his show was incredible… sword swallowers and dancers in intergalactic costumes wandering through the crowd as they played.



The Summerteeth box and merch look nice


Nice! I think I already have a lot of this extra material, but certainly not all this.

Summerteeth was the first Wilco album I bought after hearing them on the Return of the Grievous Angel compilation album. Hard to believe I’ve been a fan of theirs for over 20 years.