Musical Drivel


Demon Sperm would be a great punk band name.


Hell of a guy. Seriously.
I love his ideas about the future of live music.


I just painted some of the walls in my music room yellow ochre. Interesting how many of these color schemes feature that color.



I love Joni and I want her to be well.



Any Sun Ra fans here?

I’ve still got a couple of his albums, I believe. My brother saw him and his Solar Arkestra at the Ann Arbor Blues festival back in the early 70’s and said his show was incredible… sword swallowers and dancers in intergalactic costumes wandering through the crowd as they played.



The Summerteeth box and merch look nice


Nice! I think I already have a lot of this extra material, but certainly not all this.

Summerteeth was the first Wilco album I bought after hearing them on the Return of the Grievous Angel compilation album. Hard to believe I’ve been a fan of theirs for over 20 years.



Does anybody have any vinyl bootlegs? I’ve got only a couple. This live Little Feat one and I think I have a copy of Up Against the Wall Mother… by Jefferson Airplane. The labels usually have some random sticker on the album itself. Sound quality is usually shitty, but they are pretty interesting.

This one even has a Neon Park cover!


I had a few back in the day, but don’t remember what. It was such a prevalent thing though, that bands from Aerosmith to the Butthole Surfers ‘bootlegged’ themselves with live bootleg albums.


I used to have lots of Springsteen vinyl bootlegs back in the day. When I left Germany for the US, I gave them all to a friend who liked Springsteen. I had an original All Those Years 10 disk boxset on vinyl that I bought at a Springsteen bootleg convention in Holland. Those were the days.


i have some springsteen ones that i’ve purchased via ebay.

i was on a real bender there for about two years…i have a nice collection of bruce vinyl now


I have this Peter Gabriel bootleg from a show in Cleveland in 1977. The jacket is white. That blue piece of paper was an insert. The title of the album is an anagram for his name and the 7 tracks were early versions of songs that ended up on his debit solo album. This is one of my prized possessions.


Very cool!


I bought a squeeze live bootleg at a record convention in the 80’s. Because it was a hundred bucks me and my best friend went in on it together. Because I cannot be trusted with things, she still has it and it’s in perfect condition. And valued at nothing.


My husband went on an extended lecture today for me on that guy from Sunkilmoon. These are my takeaways:

-Jesus Christ, who the fuck would burn garbage in their yard after listening to this?

-this guy is literally the “I’m just hungry, man, let’s get some barbecue or something” band member in Stillwater in Almost Famous

-If Jim DeRogatis had tits…


I thought that guy had been metoo’d along with Ry-Ry and Marylin Manson.