Musical Drivel


He has been. I don’t listen to him, all of this was brand new news to me, although apparently I was watching his subpar foray into acting hundreds of times without realizing it…


Someone on the old board had a spoof account called Mark Kozelek, and posted lots of liguistically limp fauxposts. I think it may have been Nick.


Fucking fauxposters!


My thoughts:
I truly like the Ghosts of the Great Highway album.
I haven’t listened to his new music in years and heard it was horrible.
I first listened to him bc of AmyG
I knew he was in Almost Famous bc I read it on IMDb a long time ago.
Heard he was a total dick.
Saw it first hand when he played the Forecastle festival 5-6 years ago and he spoke to the crowd like we were hillbilly idiots and Louisville, KY was a shithole in the middle of bumfuck.
I still love a few of his songs.


Reminded me of something I read today…

I’m low key drinking the tears of the Marilyn Manson fans. Someone on Twitter opined that people aren’t ready for how implicated Trent Reznor is going to be in this ordeal, but they are wrong. I’m living for it. Who was that asshole from Orgy, Jay whatever? Him too.


Maybe that’s his thing. What a dumb thing to have as your thing.


Who loves Wilco?


That wasn’t me!


I really do love Wilco.

Not really a big fan of their tweedy show stream/podcast on instagram though.


I love Wilco. Such an excellent live band.


I’ve seen them four or five times, but the best was in Kalamazoo on the last show of the Ghost is Born tour and it was a fantastic show with a couple great Newman covers:
Political Science - Randy Newman
Something in the Air - Thunderclap Newman

It was one of those shows when after the first song I looked at my friend and we both were like holy shit this is going to be great! That version of Via Chicago was one of the best performances of any song I’ve ever witnessed in concert. This was the band at it’s absolute peak, I believe.


For @thebalvenie


good for her. i of course had to listen to the new love story track w/ my daughter…she informed me a couple days ago that Taylor would not be re-recording “thug story”


I wonder how she’s going to do guest feature songs for re-recording. You know how much I love Red, are Ed Sheehan and Gary Lightbody going to re-record with her???


i’m sure she can get them to join in…eh?


Gary Lightbody sounds like Buzz Lightyear’s stunt double.


As a millennial, I have so many feelings about this situation, but, like, no one to share them with. Does anyone else have feelings about this?


I might be late to the game (per usual), but what an immense talent.


I doubt he almost cried “5 times” :roll_eyes:
He probably got teary eyed because it reminded him to feel sorry for himself from when he got backlash in the past for making ignorant comments about his previous public relationships.
I saw him in concert back in 2007 because Bens Fold opened for him.
I saw a lot of people leave after the Ben’s Fold set but I stayed. I have to admit it was a pretty good show but he’s still an idiot.


Reggie Watts is so awesome. I really liked him on Comedy Bang Bang.