Musical Drivel


gag me.

i gagged 5 times.

i don’t know what to say. i feel like i have opinions but perhaps i shouldn’t say shit because i’m not a woman and i’ll never fucking know what it’s like…so i can’t speak to it…
but i do feel that the really cool thing about truth…and right and wrong…it doesn’t take any amount of race, sexual preference, socio-economic background to know a phony or a piece of shit when you see one…hear one…read one.


Why are people so offended by the WAP? I don’t get it.


What is WAP?



But the real answer is that it’s a conservative straw man for comparing to everything from Dr. Seuss to Mr. Potato Head. It’s the perfect opponent for snowflakes being offended by everything, which is like, boggling because they’re literally admitting to the same thing by taking so much offense to it in the first place.




Awesome :star_struck:


I ruined War on Drugs for my coworker by telling him they’re just Fleetwood Mac without Stevie. I was only kind of kidding but now he hears her singing whenever they come on.


I like them but they need to learn how to change the bpm on their drum machine when writing songs.


I have liked them since first listen. But seeing them live enhanced that in a big way. Especially the last show, which was in a small theater, and I was front row of balcony, and could look down and watch their every move. Lotta sound. Lotta pedals.


I love them actually. It was just a smart ass realization and me and my coworker are talking shit pretty much all day.



There’s going to be a Tina Turner documentary on HBO this month!



Wet Ass Pussy without the wet ass pussy ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.


But Brandi singing John prine gave me the feels


That was fantastic. Loved her version.

Also liked the Black Pumas at the beginning and Brittany killed it.


Brittany Howard sang? Guess I’ll have to check that out.


Billy Strings covering John Hartford’s No End Of Love on baritone banjo. (Hope this IG link works)


I just want you guys to know that I put on sunglasses and now I too have enough of a resemblance to play Joey Ramone. Try it!