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Other than looking bored, you nailed it.


Frankly my chin is probably weak enough to pull it off better than who ever this guy is…


Happy 88th birthday to Willie Nelson. An American institution. I shot this photo of him back in the mid-70’s when I saw him on a twin bill show with Leon Russell.


When I was growing up my brother and I used to listen to music pretty much all the time. My father (bless his heart) used to call the music we listened to “Fools Music”. Only his Frank Sinatra, Herb Alpert and show tunes were worthy music I guess.

Now I find myself morphing into him when talking to my kids… TURN OFF THAT FOOLS MUSIC!!!

I’m old.


My five favorite blues albums.




That one is likely better than On Tap, maybe a bit more authentic. Not sure if Buddy Guy plays on mine.

I used to have a great album by Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, but it must have been lost or stolen.

Honestly, the first Taj Mahal album would bump On Tap off my list. Love that old Taj with Jessie Ed Davis on guitar.


First blog entry in ages…


Doug’s Discs: September 78 (Live) - John Prine


This was the version of this Joni Mitchell song that really gripped me. Soap Opera by Catfish Hodge is a really good album from back in 1975.


Happy birthday Debbie Harry.
Born in 1945.


George Harrison’s handwritten lyrics for Here Comes the Sun.

I like his little note on the middle part - he says (song Badge). There’s the riff.


That’s funny. He had a technique apparently.


I thought this was a good read, but was looking for something totally different. Don’t be fooled by the headline, it’s about reconciling his songwriting with his personal life, not about who is getting paid for streaming.


Ahhh! I missed this when it came out! I’m also in the habit of Googling Q Lazzarus to see if anyone found her yet, but I guess I forgot because I’ve been pregnant for two years, ahahah.


R.E.M. first single sees re-release, and they put out their demo tape in cassette format. At 1500 copies of the cassette, I’m sure it sold out in seconds. Does this demo tape exist in other formats somewhere?


Alright, now I need Soul Asylum to do a followup on those kids from the “Runaway Train” video.


Lol, Mark Kozelek… I love how all publicity shots of him are five years old and 20 pounds lighter… kind of like… Ryan Adams.


Imagine going out of your way to listen and give money to people you think have been screwed over.


Like all the donations to the Trump campaign?


Hold on, let me finish reading “To Think I Saw it at the Zoo,” to my MISTER Potato Head doll and I’ll respond to this. I have to turn down the Michael Jackson first.