Musical Drivel


while a miramax movie is playing in the background?


Hey I used to work for Miramax, for years.


Handler? Aka Fluffer….


Here’s an interesting story about Sterling Morrison’s departure and afterlife from VU.


This is so weird. What do you guys think about this?


Absolutely ludicrous…


So stupid. I’m sure he thought it was very cool a few years ago.


I don’t know. It must really suck every time you get naked in front of someone for the first time, and they immediately say, “Wait, are you on the cover of Nevermind?”


If I were a lawyer in this case, my defense would be one question for him:

Have you ever tried to get laid using your fame as the Nevermind baby?

I rest my case.

If he thought this fame made it hard to live a productive life, then wait until he sees what brining up a lawsuit like this will do.


I don’t know. He probably is upset. Look at all of these times I he tried to drown himself.



Too bad Monkey isn’t here to appreciate this blast from the past.



Where did Monkey go?


I think he’s resting.


He’s in a better place now.


Did I miss something? I don’t always read ever thread.


He apparently deleted his account.


That sucks.



i think this is stupid. it’s no worse or better than Blind Faith’s album cover