Musical Drivel


What four albums came out when you were 16 years old?

Here’s the ones I came up with. Funny, but each one of these albums was preceded by one that was arguably even greater from the year before.


Bruce Springsteen: Tunnel of Love
Melissa Etheridge: Melissa Etheridge
Tracy Chapman: Tracy Chapman

I actually listened to those three a lot that year. I found John Hiatt’s Slow Turning a few years later, but it came out that year too.


I turned 16 in September of 1990. I was really 16 for most of 1991 but went with 1990.

What a great start to an amazing decade of music for me which saw the start of most of my favorite bands.

Though this will never be my favorite Black Crowes album, it was their first, and was my introduction to my favorite band.

I always loved The Sundays and would gladly listen to this album today.

As a 16 year old I looooved Depeche Mode. I was already into 80’s Depeche Mode when Violator came out, but I saw the Violator tour that summer and was one of my first shows ever.

LL :heart:


1989 for me (same logic as lb, same birthday, year apart)

Lou Reed New York
The Cure Disintegration (love this)
Neil Young Freedom
Bob Dylan Oh Mercy
Nirvana Bleach
NIN Pretty Hate Machine
The Stone Roses The Stone Roses
Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique

Not bad for the end of possibly the worst decade for popular music…


I love Disintegration. :black_heart:


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Some of the ones I still love from the time.


I saw both these performers on tours supporting those albums.


I saw Springsteen in '88, but I didn’t see Melissa Etheridge until the following year. She played in (West) Berlin, supporting her second album, the day after the Wall came down. It made for a very memorable concert.


And, of course, Springsteen’s show in East Berlin in '88 has been partly credited with bringing down the Wall. I wanted to go, but you couldn’t be sure you’d make it back to the checkpoint before midnight, which meant that you could have been detained in East Berlin. He played in West Berlin the next day, and, man, what a great show. He played past curfew, and they turned off the lights. He played the final encore, Twist and Shout, in the dark. It gives me goosebumps thinking about it.


From the East Berlin show:


When I saw him on that tour in Detroit it was a great show. Ranking right up there with the shows I had seen 4 years earlier.


Really nice read.


Thanks for this, she’s one of my favorites.


i was 16 in 1996

top 4 for sure:

the fugees the score

beck odelay

2pac All Eyez on Me


wilco being there


That’s 5.

Mid 90’s pretty prime time for new music. :star2:


i did more discovery of other eras of music in those 4 years of high school. what i wouldn’t give to go back and have shazam on my phone


Whenever I hear nostalgia about being able to play in the streets as a child, I can’t help but quietly add that that’s how my mom got molested.

I mean, Dean Corll plucked 28 boys out of the same little neighborhood and killed them all. Haven’t any of these nut jobs read anything by Joyce Carol Oates? Call me ageist but the “America [they] remember” but sounds like a hot bed of secret incest, racism, and institutionalization.

I would be super interested to hear from any of you who had an opinion on the Menendez murders what you remember and how you think about it now.

Just realized this has almost nothing to do with music. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Which are all great, but the best thing was no social media!


I think it’s way past time we all admit to ourselves that social media was a dangerous failed experiment and shut it down. I’ve taken a page out of @thebalvenie ‘s book and resumed writing letters to people.


I knew a guy who used to send postcards. From town. Without going on vacation. Like you’d just get a postcard and think ‘I saw you yesterday.’