Musical Drivel


I hope you do this to me someday.


I like that.


I’ll start tomorrow. Just need to know where to send them.


One of my favorite things that I found when I was doing historical research were letters written on train stationaries: they used to provide beautiful stationary on trains that would show on what line the letter was written. They would also have stenographers on the train to dictate the letter en route. This was in the early 20th century.



I knew a guy like that and I miss him.


i love writing letters. not gonna lie…i do it because i have always loved to do it but i also always want a letter back. it’s okay if i don’t get one back…but it’s awesome when i do :wink:


i do this too!!! lol

i collect postcards. i still have some from argentina or italy or scotland or canada…whatevers…

if people are like me…it’ll brighten their day to know someone was thinking of them…if they know that person was me…maybe they’ll be even more creeped out by me :slight_smile:


if you all want a postcard from me…just pm me your addy

i promise i won’t send lewd or nasty shit. just cool friendly postcards


Why do you only send me the lewd nasty shit?


you earned it



That’s love.



What unholy pile of yak is this?


looks unholy


Also, in what world is Train the headliner of those 3?


Hm. HMM. :thinking:


Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison are getting divorced. I did not see that coming.



They been together a long time, especially in musician/celebrity circles.