Musical Drivel


Twenty-five years. Four kids. A lot of great music they played together.




Perhaps unpopular opinion: all of Ian Noe’s songs sound the same.

I was super into his stuff when he first started and even went to see him.

But the songs I’ve heard on the new record sounds the same as all the songs on the last record that all sounded the same.

Moral of the story: I’m bored.


I was gossiping with my husband this morning and it came to my attention that Dave Grohl must spend a lot of money on his Wikipedia page. There is a literal section on legal matters and yet not one single solitary mention of Courtney Love. This page is a study in public persona building.


For a taste of Springsteen’s legendary Electric Nebraska. And it sounds even more awesome than I have imagined – it is an alternate full band version of BITUSA (no synthesizers). EDIT: Here is the full clip.


Hotel Chelsea Nights heavily stole from here?

Some of the nicest live guitar here as well, man really was a genius.


i don’t think you’re wrong.

i think songs can sound the same so long as the writing is still good.

the writing on this new one is the thing that gets me…it’s not nearly as good


We’ve got a doozy of a vacation ahead. My husband and I signed up for a song school in Joshua Tree next week. It’s being held by Steve Poltz and the instructors are him, Dan Bern, Nicki Bluhm and Jim motherfucking Lauderdale. I’m trippin’




Maybe he’ll conjure up the ghost of Gram?


I’m hoping to get a pic with him. He’s always reminded me of Bob from Twin Peaks.



Who has the more eternal baby face? Kurt Vile or Ben Kweller?




He played a song he wrote for Gram at Cap Rock.


How magical. Started the whole thing by scooting in next to Nicki Bluhm and harmonizing with her and Steve Poltz and Dan Bern. Can’t recommend this enough if you like to write songs or want to. The instructors blended in with the students. I got to play a song for Jim Lauderdale and Dan Bern mentored us all weekend. What a dream. On the second night of the festival we were all stunned to see Victoria Williams sitting in with Freedie Johnston. The whole thing was like a dream.


Wow. That looks so useful and a whole bunch of fun.


It really was Dougo. So many people who never sang or performed before. Ton of love all around. It was amazing.


I saw Freedie Johnston open for Shawn Colvin in the 90s. I didn’t know he was still around.


Neither did I. Wasn’t be best set but Victoria Williams was a treat. They had Wally Ingram on drums. Another favorite pic. I want to go back.