Musical Drivel


This looks like an amazing time. God I wish I had just an ounce of musical talent.


Never too late to try to unlock it. Honestly believe there’s something musical in everyone.


You have words. There was a lot of poetry. Lot of psychedelics too.


Looking good, inky! :wink:


Thanks uv :heart:


Of all the happy people there, you two look the happiest!


We may have been. Steve was so happy we came. I knew him well in the 80’s and booked him back then so he told everyone that when he introduced us to folks. Made me feel special. Dan Bern came to our trailer when he heard us working on the song my husband wrote with him earlier in the day. He hung out with us for most of the week and gave insight to the business and a lot of encouragement. It was surreal. “Good morning Jim” every morning to Jim Lauderdale. He’s hilarious and wonderful. When we weren’t working on a lesson it was sing alongs. I was in bed but one of the campfire singalongs went until 3am. There were 22 of us students. It was life changing.


Oh and if you ever have the opportunity to see the Shook Twins or Megan Slankard, don’t miss it.


you are a great writer!!! i’d bet monkey’s rock hard cock you could write a song or two


shook twins are awesome. i’ve seen them a couple times.

they even opened for ryan adams in idaho


Cool! I hope he left them alone.


he did. i chatted w/ them on insta and they said he was super weird but they weren’t approached, etc


Awhile back someone had said they needed a radio station to discover new music on. I can talk about this now since I’m back, but I just went on a 7 day “vacation” to scenic south eastern South Dakota. There were two boons to all this forced socialization with in laws… an eggnog milkshake that was the best milkshake this milkshake addict has EVER had, and that my son kept turning the hotel room television to the local access channel. Despite being knee deep in Trump county, the music was incredible, which made no sense at all…

Here you go, friends, SomaFM - Folk Forward. Commercial free. Tons of stuff I’ve never even heard of. We were able to download a player to our Fire Television.


Well, most of my favorite songwriters are from red states. Dylan is probably one of the few exceptions.


Awesome! Will check it out at work Monday!!


My friend across the street had this growing up. We listened to it a lot. I hated 8-tracks.

The great thing about this concert was that nobody had ever heard of Bangla Desh before this and it totally brought the fact that people in other countries were starving into the open. Many people started to care and reach out to help. George Harrison was one of the first people to ever use his fame in this way.

That, and the music is fantastic.


My brother had the vinyl. I feel like I saw the movie at a midnight movie thing.


I think I watched it for the first time after reading Clapton’s book and how fucked up he was on heroin at the concert.


Well, now there’s this…


The state of live music is pretty bleak around here. At our local theater, where most of the shows in our area are doesn’t book many bands that aren’t geared towards “old-timers”. (Like me).

Tribute bands seem like half the concerts booked around here.

The live music, booked in clubs, etc. is almost always cover bands. The band I saw the other night played easy listening songs that everyone knows and can hum along with - while they are conversing with their friends.

I felt sorry for the band, who has a lot of their original music that can only be slipped in every now and then. It just seemed like a shame that these exceptionally talented musicians are reduced to playing these easy listening songs from the 70’s when they are capable of so much more… but they are getting paid and know where their bread is buttered.