Musical Drivel


uhhh. yikes. and uhhhh…yuck.




Ralph Towner is probably my favorite jazz guitarist. Love his albums on ECM and his work in Oregon with Collin Walcott.


I do not think that the album us Springsteen fans and the world need at this point is a new soul covers album … I was really looking forward to a box – Tracks 2, Nebraska or BITUSA.


Okay, I am always late late to the party but Bo Burnham is brilliant despite being so millennial-ish:




@highlife, have you seen this?


Also, are there any good SBD recordings out there that I should look for?
I’ve found some but not that many. There are so many AUD recordings but I’m not really interested in those.

ETA again:

Never mind, I found a place where they have a whole bunch of Elvis SBD recordings that I can DL.
Maybe too many!!


No! That’s interesting stuff.



Have you seen this? :grin:


Yes and I’ve Known that story for a long time!!! Fire is a great song!!! Elvis would have loved it



Love James Burton’s style.





“Pick it for me, James”


I can remember buying this record when it came out. I was an 8th grader and I was kind of obsessed.

I had one of those cheap “close and play” record players in my room and I played it so many times on that shitty little thing that it should have ruined it… not the case. I played the shit out of it for years to come and it still somehow had the punch to knock most of my other albums to the curb. Fucking John Bonham.


When the Levee Breaks taught me to play the harmonica.

Didn’t matter, girls still regarded me as a dweeb.



He’s a legend.