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"Inside Felton Jarvis

Strictly Elvis No. 18

The following is an extremely interesting interview with Felton Jarvis ( Elvis’ producer ) that was in an issue of Hit Parader magazine. I am printing a condensed version of article as it says much about Elvis’ recording plans, and how his attitude towards recording has changed in recent months. I met Mr. Jarvis in Nashville. He is an unbelievable knowledgeable person, a close friend of Elvis, one of the top producers in the world, and a great guy. The following is a condensed version of the interview."






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There’s a 50th Anniversary edition of the Aloha Concert out now:



Check out the trailer:

This new dvd will be THE only dvd you need regarding the Aloha concert.
Audio from last years FTD has been used for the editing and the sound will blow you away!

Also the video quality is outstanding! Multiple angles are used to give you the best
experience possible and makes you think it is a new show with rare behind the scenes footage included.

One of the highlights (although short) is when the camera gets behind the stage, it is just like
you are looking through Elvis’ eyes when he climbs the stairs just before we see him entering the stage.

This short moment will leave every Elvis fan with goosebumbs without a doubt!

Before the show starts we get portions of the press conferences including rare pictures.
After that we will see the landing on Hawaii through different sources, combined it gives a whole new "feel"
focussing on Elvis only instead of the island, we even see the Helicopter leave while Elvis drives off in the jeep.

Of course the “after show” songs are also included and they are where the should be, at the end and they do not spoil the show.
Here you will see the original clips, combined with the new outtakes and again it gives you the idea as if it is totally new.

As a special bonus the studio version of “I’ll Remember You” has been included which has lots of rare footage from Elvis on Hawaii including live footage
of 1957 and rare private home movies.

Presented in WIDESCREEN, limited to 500 copies!!
Total running time is over 90 minutes!

This dvd is OUT NOW and is ready to ship.


That one is insane … and limited to 500 copies?!?


All these recycled stuff, I wish we could get something new…


Yeah, by now I think that they have pretty much cleared the vaults. Sometimes I wish that he had re-recorded some of the older stuff in the late 60s and early 70s. I have for example only heard instrumental takes of “Mystery Train” from that period and although they sound grand, I would have really liked a version with vocals.


I wouldn’t mind seeing more videos from '69, ‘70’ & '71. Not the 8mm fan stuff but stuff that was filmed professionally.

There’s so much stuff they didn’t use from TTWII and it’s sort of floating around “unofficially” (I’ve read about 6 DVD sets and the other day I think I saw an 8 DVD set?), I wonder why they won’t come out with an official version with all the rehearsals & outtakes, etc.
Copyright maybe?


Yeah, there is a shortage of good rehearsal recordings. It is a shame that quality of much of the stuff that has been put out is most often so–and-so. With better recordings, the rehearsal recordings would have been a short-cut to get near studio quality of alternate/stronger/interesting/etc takes of songs, similar to how radio performances can be used for that.




“This playlist contains several versions of one of Elvis’ finest recordings. It includes the studio recording process and live renditions.
Elvis recorded “Kentucky Rain” on 19 February 1969 at American Sound…”


Bonnie Raitt won a Grammy?

I didn’t even know she had any new music out. I just never listen to popular music at all.

Watched about 2 minutes of that tripe and was nauseous… just horrible.


Ben, is that really you?

Hand on my heart, I never really liked your acting. But I think Matt was great in “Ford vs Ferrari”.


:joy::joy::joy: you echo my FB feed of everyone my age and older. I will go back and watch the hip hop tribute.


We saw the highlights of the Grammys on the news and said the same.

I’ll YouTube that hip hop tribute.

I also don’t know shit about popular music.