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I have always loved Steve Albini’s production (nothing touches Surfer Rosa and Magnolia Electric Co.) and I really enjoyed his recent Steely Band rant on Twitter.

Here are some highlights:

“Two types of perfectionist: One will prepare, revise and rehearse carefully, with intent, honing an idea to a keen edge, ready to cut the cloth of execution. The other makes other people responsible by saying, “do it again,” until by chance they are satisfied, then take credit.”

There’s some video where they talk about every song on an album, and each one begins with the not-bald one saying, “this song is based on my deep love of the blues, just a very bluesy blues. Deep blues.” Then lays his jazz dork hands on the fucking electric piano…

Music made for the sole purpose of letting the wedding band stretch out a little."

(For the record, I like some Steely Dan albums.)


I like Steely Dan and have no idea who Steve Albini is.




Who is he?

Or can you not believe somebody actually likes Steely Dan?

I googled him and i’m still drawing a blank… never heard of any of his bands either “He was a member of Big Black, Rapeman and Flour, and is a member of Shellac.”

But he made a name for himself for declaring his hate of Steely Dan on Twitter.


No, he produced In Utero! It’s like a totally infamous piece of rock history!


Nirvana, right?


Yes, the album they recorded in the middle of winter in a rundown house in Cannon Falls, MN. They ended up having some other guy do a lot of the final mixes and it was really controversial…


My harmonic saturator clone-ish pedal


When I googled his name for some more examples of classic albums, I realized that he also did Low’s awesome album, Things We Lost in the Fire. (Also P J Harvey’s Rid of Me.)

@DougoBlue Breather of soul and gnarly guitar sounds into records. It is difficult to put into words how much I love the sound of some of the records he produced, like Surfer Rosa and Electric Magnolia Co.


Big Black and Rapeman are also great bands of their genre.


I made a record (with my husband) let me know what you think!



Is that an original composition? I like the mood, and that the vocals are right up front.


Thanks Dougo yep all originals.


I like the mellow sound and wistful lyrics.
2 thumbs up


Really liked that.


Really good stuff, fair play to you both


Thanks for listening, hl


Thank you!


Thanks Ankaa


Your voice .kind of reminds me.of Johnette Napolitano.

I like this.