Musical Drivel


Pulled the trigger on these babies. Perfect band t-shirts, if you ask me.

Some more left of the grey/black in Large. It was listed as sold out in that size but when I asked they found some more.


MP3 players are coming back just in time. Anyone else suffering from what they did to Amazon Prime music to save pennies? My god.

Anyway, I just ordered myself a nice little stick MP3 player. They have Bluetooth now, so that’s fun. :slight_smile:


I still use my Sony nwa45 daily. Stops my phone running down.

What did they do to amazon music? I pay for the full service family plan and it’s OK with the HD options but the android app is just awful


Unlimited wasn’t affected but for the basic Prime Service they no longer offer any albums. You have to listen to stations based on what you search. Playlists aren’t a thing you can make, even your “liked” music generates a random station. E.g. if you hear a song on the station you like, you can only make a new station based on that song to get a shot at hearing it again.


Oh right, yeah that’s shite isn’t it?


I still use my iPod Classic. It holds so much music.


There were two reasons I switched from a Pixel to an iPhone. One being that they offered 1Tb of storage. I still miss my Pixel camera though. iPhones are so far behind.


Yeah they were really good, can’t stand iTunes though. I picked up a Shanling M3x player and stuck a 512gb sd card in it and now have my whole collection in flac on the go. Sound quality is awesome as well.


Still use my iPod Nano. Old school ftw.


I don’t use iTunes except as a way to add my own music into my iPod.


how far behind? cause the photos on my iphone 14 are fucking phenomenal? i could google it but i want to hear from the source


Here you go, friend. I’m sure it would be hard to describe.


I know it’s a preference, but Pixel photos look more natural.


This is way too rich for my blood, but I see Discogs sent me a message about this in December. Did anyone pick this up? Sorry if I missed it, seems like there’s always Neil Young happenings.


i saw this at Electric Fetus in minneapolis and didn’t grab it…too rich for my blood but it looks like a great set


Just came across this article: interesting read on Mountain Girl and how she got into the scene with the Acid Tests and the counterculture movement


This sounds like a fascinating read.