My new Song "Clean Livin' "


Does this have an early 1990’s Country vibe? What genre is it. I consider it New Wave Country. What do Y’all think?


It’s got a Saturday morning ,kiddie show kind of vibe. Like it could been featured on Pee Wee’s Playhouse.




Well, that was hard to jerk off to.




This is actually very helpful feedback. Thank you!


It’s the new lead singer of Devo, Mark Butterbaugh


I’ll bet you everything I have that this guy has got some nasty secrets. I mean scary shit.


No problem. It’s not really my cup of tea. But, you should do what makes you happy. I do admire your courage. It can’t be easy putting yourself out there & leaving yourself open for ridicule. Do you have physical albums for sale? Or digital releases like on bandcamp? Regardless… make the music that feels good to you.


holy shit, you really are Meade.


TBH, It’s not my best song. Maybe it fits under Country novelty. But your feedback is helpful because it’s constructive and not something like “it sucks” or something that I can’t really find edifying.


Show us your tits.


They’re in one of the other threads