New Haiku For You......Thread


Piss In A Bucket
Two Models Got Paid Bigly
President Cheetos


U really are mr gay!!!


I love the haiku
but balv is haiku police
birds and nature shit


Cannot decide: laugh or cry
Just make it four years


Friday the thirteenth
Too many people to kill
Masturbate instead


Resident troll posts
To get an arise of peers
but remains flacid


My cat can eat a
whole–and I mean every bit–
fresh watermelon


perhaps we chose this
celebrity apprentice
the biggest loser


we didn’t choose it
damn electoral college
outdated horseshit


On morning commute
Trump’s voice too often heard
Less NPR now…


down from the mountain
back to ordinary lives
leaving part up high


still cannot get sleep
my brother will not let me
case is cleared not closed


the tv show Alf
as a kid this was awesome
maybe I was dumb


ode to the hookers
peed on the sheets for the cash
owed to the hookers


clever :slight_smile:


Vasectomy tales
rainy day frozen semen
in your grocer’s aisle


I don’t get this place
It’s all fucking weird to me
I might be too old



you are too old!


You are not too old
I just started menopause
Oops, I’ve shared too much


how’s that going?