New Haiku For You......Thread


here’s how you do it:

so, how’s that going?
cold, hot, hot cold–make up your
fucking mind, would you?


I can’t get pregnant–you still
finish on my face?


was worried at first
pregnancy test yesterday
new chapter for me


A strange side effect
Listening to Mom’s records
Boz Skaggs, Carole King, soft hits


a sign hot flashes
"a vacant barren wasteland"
but now you don’t bleed


Vaginal dryness
and working on your night sweats
Bob Seger gets it


Just finished Night Moves
I think my vag will be fine
I am ambitious

No hot flashes yet
At least none that I can tell
Born hot tamale


This thread is “the tits”.
I hope your hormones balance
Did I mention tits?


You did mention tits
I hope they do too Monkey
I’d rather be chill


put on some Boz Scaggs
I’d suggest 'I’ll Be Long Gone’
or Lido Shuffle


Or older Boz Skaggs
like Someone Loan Me A Dime
With Skydog on lead


I’ll be Long Gone is
also found on that Boz Scaggs
slab from '69


Expresso at night
Yes, I’ve made better choices
sleep will come at 3?


I love the writing
and the creativity
the laughs are the best


monkey erection
the donald trump election
both small and boring


That’s the best you got?
You khaki wearing dummy
balv’s life don’t matter


Harbor Lights, Lido
I listened to silk degrees
Still a great album


Be a parent and you’ll see
Is like free money

Monkey seeks our love
Dark thoughts replace bleached hair
Hey, Guy, you hungry?


neither of those, man. is no worky.


Sitting in the park
The ducks nibble on my cock
A child cries out