New Haiku For You......Thread


This made me tear up

Well done


Not a haiku.


counting syllables
using fingers, we all are
admit it ya shits


Last night with Barrack
Tomorrow brings change bigly
Already miss you


where are you going?
to look for America
hard to find right now


Wants tanks in parade
Brass say not now dictator
Putnan want a be.


Petty little man
With such telling little hands
Just go fuck yourself


when life gets you down
just sit back and crack a beer
count some ceiling tiles!


When life lowers you down
Taylor’s there at dawn
Swifts scratch the summer skye


egg, your obsession
is starting to worry me
scrawny pop singer


that’s not a haiku
five seven five god damn it
you can do it, friend :wink:


actually none of these are haikus by Basho’s definition…

but i think i said this already and you fuckers made a haiku about it.


who is this Basho
should we give a flying fuck?
i can’t say we should


There you go again
nature and seasons, we know
haiku rules no fun


Please Go fuck yourselves
Basho invented haiku
Please eat Dick sandwich


take a calming breath
the sun is coming out now
snowdrops raise their heads


Balve, you are a cunt.
Again. Balv, you are a cunt.
Who is a cunt? Balv.


thank you dildo lips
i can see my dick when i piss
you old fat bastard



This thread is dying
I failed to find it in search
Scrolled manually