New releases you are looking forward to


This and Beck for sure

I saw Craig play a few from him last one in a record store. Hoping he does that again. Very interesting guy too the stories he tells between songs occasionally


Prisoner . . . Na, not really .

but that new C Finn might be worth a listen .


i just saw news of the new craig finn album on twitter yesterday. pumped.

shut up, balv, you turd,


I’m anxious to hear Dan Auerbach’s new solo record. It sounds like something I might like.


I liked his last one.


Yes, his other solo album is really good, I think.


Here’s the first Craig Finn single from the solo record


Leif Vollebekk - Twin Solitude

North Americana was one of my favorite records of 2013.

The guy is like a Canadian, perpetually somber version of RA (albeit less diverse so far).

I met him briefly at the Newport Folk Fest – really nice fella.


References to drugs, “the scene”, and Minnesota all within the first minute?

Yup, that’s Mr. Finn all right :wink:


PLUS God gets a shoutout in the song



Shame he didn’t mention which “god” he’s talking about, eh?

Safe money’s on Quetzlcoatl :wink:



I read that Ryan Adams is producing a double album for Liz Phair?

I guess that’s old news, it’s in all the musical tabloids.


I read about it yesterday and saw on Twitter. That’s really cool news to me, I always liked her a lot!!


Have been listening to exile in guyville lately. Hope she gets her mojo back.


I love that album. I used to sing fuck and run at karaoke! :grin:


New Ty Segall January 27th. Heard a couple songs, very good!


Salutations, the new Conor Oberst record with the Felices.



ryan adams prisoner boxset out now.

order it