New releases you are looking forward to


Oh yeah
New album hasn’t leaked yet


Cool have been listening to her earlier stuff today. Hell of a voice


Let us know if you want anything added to the box. I have all her albums and Balv has even more than I have I’m sure.


Will do, thanks lb


New CD by The Men coming in March joost. Not a fan of the song they have streaming though.


Me neither (though it sounded slightly better the second time I heard it). Still, curious to hear what the rest sounds like.


New Calexico album, out this weekend.


Isakov in the works to release new studio album this year!!!




There’s another one streaming, Rose On Top of the World: much better!


And their tour page says “Canada - coming soon”. Best news I’ve had in a long time.


Another new song: Killed Someone. I like it, this album is shaping up nicely.


John Prine with Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires off his new album.


I didn’t like most of the content of Jack White’s first 2 solo albums. I really like the new, 3rd album, Boarding House Reach. You have to listen w/o consideration to the previous 2 albums because it is considerably different from them.

It’s kind of like the new Nathaniel Rateliff album. I totally hated it the first few listens and now I think it’s pretty fooking sweet. :slight_smile:


Fuck. It’s downright sexy.


Never been a fan of him or the White Stripes, but I’ll give this one a listen.





I’ve never heard him



I bet you have! I hyped up his 2011 album, The Last of the Country Gentlemen. It’s still one of my favorite albums of the last decade.