New releases you are looking forward to


damn what a voice


yeah, he’s great.


Phil Cook has a new album on the way!

I wish egg was here to talk about it with me. :cry:


I wish egg was here to talk Adrianne Lenker with me. I liked the latest Big Thief album and he really pushed checking her solo stuff out. I’m pretty sure he put Hours Were the Birds in the DB. Anyway, I love it and he’s not here so fuck you egg. Just fuck you.


@nick & @Rodknee
It’s in the box.


I am listening now. This is so different. It’s going to take a lot of listens. Right now it seems different for the sake of being different. The guy has an amazing voice…it doesn’t seem like he is putting to use here.


Picked up a vinyl copy on the weekend (only way to get it here) and must say I’m quite underwhelmed. Not that any song is awful, but it just kind of meanders along and then it’s over before you know it. Confusing band.


Yeah, I feel the same way.

Still not a fan of Ty Segall? His album is the only really mindblowing album I’ve heard this year. Calexico’s latest is solid.


What’s this then?


I’m a huge Big Thief/Lenker fan



Really looking forward to this Doug,preordered the vinyl !



I like that record.

Not loving that Patterson Hood cover (Assassin), but Whisper is good. I’m looking forward to hearing Chrystal Clear and Racetrack Romeo.


I really like Racetrack Romeo:

I think a few of them are right that he probably didn’t want these to be released, but New West wanted to cash in. He no longer would want to dramatize meth… and he’s obviously not Merci-less anymore.


01 Hope The High Road
02 24 Frames
03 White Man’s World
04 Flagship
05 Cumberland Gap
06 Something More Than Free
07 The Life You Chose
08 Elephant
09 Flying Over Water
10 Last Of My Kind
11 Cover Me Up
12 Super 8
13 If We Were Vampires

Out on 10/19


Looking forward to Jim James new solo album. I never like his solo stuff as much as MMJ stuff but hearing really good things about this upcoming album. He just announced solo acoustic tour dates as well. Playing in Louisville the night begin Thanksgiving when I plan to be in Baltimore. Oh well.


This would be a good entry into the music of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.

There are a few songs that I’d like to see make this disc, (Tupelo, Stockholm) but it is a good set list that doesn’t get too droopy. Super 8 has never been my favorite, but it works well live for sure.


Isbell encored each night of that run with a Tom Petty cover. I think it would have been cooler to just release a full show, or all 6, but that’s just me.


He does a have a habit of not really changing it up much from show to show.