New releases you are looking forward to


for sure. I think he did mix it up more than usual for those 6 shows just bc there were probably a lot of people who went to more than 1. and he played some older songs mixed in.


Yes, but they probably didn’t want to release a double disc worth of music.

This comes off as kind of a live, greatest recent “hits” package - a great entry level release as well as a tribute to his band… two of those last three studio studio records were just Jason Isbell releases.


maybe that fucking ryan adams rubbed off on him

get it?


Ryan is teasing a release of Blackhole on Instagram


This old handjob again?


Just saw that too. Said he loves his fans.


no one loves his fans more than me.

come to montana and let me prove it.


He loves me so much he blocked me from following him on Twitter.

Haven’t been a fan since.



Man, fuck that guy.


I mean he didn’t mention you specifically, but he did say something about a Black Hole.


if you don’t, i bet @mrgay will


he teased Blackhole 10 years ago w/ this shot




Nope. Still fuck him.


he’s coming off really desperate and douchey w/ all these posts…

he posts a new instagram about every 2 seconds


We should have a pool on how long it will take for him to announce the Cards reunion is not happening and how it’s someone else’s fault and he just wanted to make a great album and blah blah blah


I’d just love for the invitees to get on social media and announce they are putting together a band without Ryan Adams.


now that would be fucking awesome.

The Cardinals.