New releases you are looking forward to


He must be beeerrrrrooke.

I would be shocked if it happened but I guess there is $ to be made. I would spend it if they played near me.


Teasing that he will release albums, then not doing it makes him a fucking asshole. Only a complete dick would threat their fans that way.


In the box.





Good news, LB!
Random phone call with my friend this morning who knows RA.
He told me that RA’s been busy working in the studio and has like 40 songs now.


Yes it is good news! He’s actually been tweeting about it so I have been following.




That’s great! I thought maybe that last tweet that you posted up top was the last you’d heard about what he’s working on but right, now that I think about it, of course RA would be tweeting about it. :sunglasses:

It’s funny because I’ve told my friend that I don’t listen to RA anymore but he always gives me an update on RA whenever we talk on the phone or see each other! :laughing:


Yup, that’s Johnny T. behind RA.
My friend told me that he was working with RA.
I’m glad to see that they’re hanging out together again.


It seems strange that he’s talking this up so much. I’d be surprised if he released it


I think it’s strange he’s wearing a flannel when it’s 95 degrees.





Yay!!! I’m gonna get a copy for monkey. He loves Isakov.

Hope a full tour follows.


On vinyl please.

If I’m gonna waste your money…


Isakov tour is coming nowhere near me.

Trying to see if we can swing that Saturday night show in Kansas City with a Chiefs home game the following day. Steve’s been wanting to see the Chiefs live again and I’ve never been to Kansas City. But it’s 8-9 hours away and we’d have to get that Monday off.



i already bought tix before i knew the new album was coming out.

very excited about this :wink:

also, new single is good




New Phosphorescent coming soon!!