New releases you are looking forward to




I think it’d be cool to put out all the shows from that run rather than a compilation, but I’ll take what I can get when it comes to Isbell soundboards.


Is that from the 3-day run with a different Petty cover each night?


Think it was 5 nights at The Ryman


From his site:

Live from the Ryman was recorded primarily during the group’s six sold out nights at Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium in 2017. The double album features 13 live versions of songs from their last three critically acclaimed, award-winning studio albums - Southeastern (2013), Something More Than Free (2015), The Nashville Sound (2017).


So he’s not putting out any complete shows or old songs. Oh well. I’m sure it’s good but I’d rather hear complete shows.


the new Cat Power album


This new Phosphorescent record sound good.
C’est La Vie


This new David Crosby song and album sound pretty good to me. I guess I’ll probably pony up the bux for his show coming up next month here in town.


I’m excited for new Phosphorescent!! I’m waiting to listen til I have the full album. Will be in the box as soon as I get it!


His use of synthesized voices on one of those songs was a bit annoying, but I liked all three of the songs I heard.


Did you get it, LB?
I have it if you want it.
I didn’t put it in the box because I wasn’t sure if you were in the process of getting it or if you were waiting to get it.

ETA: It’s in the box.


Cool thanks! Steve put in my Dropbox I just hadn’t looked yet or copied to the group box.

I watched Phosphorescent on tv doing a song and loved it.


Looking forward to Fudge Sandwich, Ty Segall’s cover album (out at the end of this month). His cover of Everyone 's a Winner is the best cover I’ve heard all year, and this could be good too. There’s even a Grateful Dead song on it!

01 Lowrider (War)
02 I’m a Man (Spencer Davis Group)
03 Isolation (John Lennon)
04 Hit It and Quit it (Funkadelic)
05 Class War (The Dils)
06 The Loner (Neil Young)
07 Pretty Miss Titty (Gong)
08 Archangel Thunderbird (Amon Düül II)
09 Rotten to the Core (Rudimentary Peni)
10 St. Stephen (Grateful Dead)
11 Slowboat (Sparks)


That sounds interesting. I love a good cover album.

My top five favorites:

Moondog Matinee - The Band
Rock and Roll - John Lennon
Live from 1979 - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Tonight I’m Singing Just For You - Country Joe McDonald
Hank Williams’ Back - Leon Russell


Have you heard Everyone’s a Winner (Hot Chocolate)? There’s a live version on youtube (Jimmy Kimmel) that’s even better than the studio version.


I remember watching this when it aired… great stuff!


By Kurt Vile, featuring Kurt Vile.


Will get this in the box over the weekend.


New Phosphorescent. New Isakov. New Jim James. Good day! :+1:t2: