New releases you are looking forward to


Got the new Jenny Lewis!!! Will update box.
Can’t wait to play it!!!


I’m seeing Colors release date April 19 on amazon, maybe they just postponed a bit … ?



The upcoming Damien Jurado album ‘In The Shape Of A Storm’ sounds like it could be a beauty.


His last was quite brilliant and surprised it didn’t get more attention.


I agree.


Apparently there is supposed to be a new Leonard Cohen album out this year.


Really liked Visions Of Us On The Land, so I might have to go back and grab the rest of his stuff…


Really looking forward to the new CRB, Servants of the Sun:


Me too!!


Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising.

Sounds like this could be a belter.


The complete 1975 Rolling Thunder shows:


@mutineer What is this???


A boxset of Rolling Thunder recordings to coincide with the Scorsese documentary about Dylan and Rolling Thunder that he made for Netflix. Both are supposed to be released in May. Or so I’ve heard.


Nice. A Scorsese Rolling Thunder movie? Hell yeah.

So much good stuff out nowadays, I gotta say.



June 12


And June 5:


I just may have to get that box. at $109 it’s reasonably priced. I bet Amazon even gets it down a bit more.