New releases you are looking forward to


I can hear your boner about this album from here.


Are boners like the corn on a hot summer day - you can hear them grow?


It’s making a “igh igh igh OMG” sort of noise. I had to shut the windows.


The 25th anniversary edition of King of California. Alvin seems wildly underrated to me, as does this album. I’m hoping to see him on tour this year.


does no one else get excited about a bruce release???


I listened to Hello Sunshine and was underwhelmed.





Damn. You turn up the best stuff. Thanks for the heads up!

Seems an odd choice for Neil since he just released that live Tonight’s the Night show…

But I will pre-order ASAP.


Did you post this in the wrong thread?



LP - First time on Vinyl. Mastered direct from the original tapes through custom Ortofon amplifiers to the artists’ own personal Neumann VMS-80 cutting system. Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings on 150 Gram audiophile-quality vinyl. Packaged in an “Old Style Tip-On” Gatefold jacket with lyrics (for the first time) and with a fold-out photo collage and a black poly-lined audiophile sleeve.


Ahhhhh. Gotcha.


They pulled that off the BD site. I should have ordered when I had the chance, in case the price went up. $109 seemed reasonable for a 14 cd box.


Amazon will have it for less than that soon, don’t you think?


Yeah I hope. But I do wonder why they pulled it down from Bob’s site. Too early for pre-order?


Not sure. It’s up on amazon here:


Thanks, signed up for an email alert.


It’s up for pre-order on Amazon now.