New releases you are looking forward to


new Leonard Cohen album in November


I’m loving the whole album.


Surprisingly (maybe) but I am looking forward to hearing Jesse Malin’s new one Sunset Kids and seeing him here in November. More than I can say about that alt-country guy that used to produce him.


Logan Ledger is coming out with a new EP tomorrow.

I really like this Dylan cover with Courtney Marie Andrews.


New GospelbeacH is out today, Let it Burn. Really good stuff:

Neal played on this album, so it’s good to have that too.

Wilco’s Ode to Joy is out today as well, but I’m a bit underwhelmed at the moment with it.


I really like this.


Really looking forward to the new Leif Vollebekk album, New Ways.
Out on 1st November.
Absolutely love all of his previous stuff and a top guy as well.


Fuck yes, he’s incredible. Seeing him in January here in Seattle.


Circles Around the Sun Meets Joe Russo is coming out Friday, so that’ll be great. We’ve lost Neal, but at least they’re putting out the things he was working on before he passed. I hear CATS’ new album proper is coming out in early 2020 as well.


New John Moreland.


I know, these guys are kind of a guilty pleasure for me, but they do a good rock show. Live record and concert film coming up.


Good stuff from the upcoming Marcus King album.


I love John Moreland. :heart:


Eagerly anticipating new Billy Corgan:


Marcus King is a bad ass. He’s got soul and the blues


This sounds cool


New Drive-By Truckers:





Maybe they’ll be in the next documentary explaining what a dick Crosby is.