New releases you are looking forward to



I don’t know what a Dick Crosby is, but I Know about a Jack Crosby.


Amanda Shires is working on writing songs for a new album and the article mentioned this: “Shires has plans to release new music next year, including a batch of songs that pay tribute to her late friend and fellow musician Neal Casal, who died in August at age 50.”


OK joost, it is time to come out of hiding. There is a new album by The Men being released on Feb 14. A new album by The Men is like the Bat signal for joost.


Real Estate has a new one coming!!!

John Moreland first week of February.


Can’t wait for John.


Really like this song and looking forward to hearing this whole album.



Excellent news! Overseas is a real step up for him as a songwriter.


He said the exact same thing about the last album.


And he was definitely wrong that time.


This is excellent!!!


This new Sadler Vaden record sounds good.

I’m still kind of addicted to rock and roll.

Here’s a review on ND.


sounds good! I glanced through some of it on iTunes about a month ago, but didn’t grab me, this song was quite good though. Perhaps I have to revisit this now


Does this classify as a “new” release? Maybe a thread titled “Reissues you are looking forward to” is needed?



This Friday.


ohh I didn’t know this was coming! Somehow I stopped following Ray’s release cycle, but I tend to like all of his albums in some capacity


That would seem to indicate it is just him playing all the instruments And doing it all. I think he might be better off producing his own work too.


Woah, excellent news. I love Ray!