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Shiver by Sigur Ros’ Jonsi


it’s okay




My Morning Jacket Releasing First New Album in 5 Years This Week

The Waterfall II, the sequel to 2015’s The Waterfall, is out this Friday, July 10

My Morning Jacket have announced their first new album in five years. The follow-up to 2015’s The Waterfall is fittingly titled The Waterfall II and it’s out digitally this Friday, July 10 (via ATO). The 10-track collection includes MMJ’s 2016 protest song “Magic Bullet” and “Welcome Home,” a song that first appeared on 2011’s iTunes Session EP. See the full tracklist and album artwork below.
This Thursday, at 9 p.m. Eastern, the band will host a listening party for the new album on YouTube and Facebook. Physical editions of The Waterfall II are due August 28.
In the time since The Waterfall, Jim James has stayed busy: He released the solo albums Eternally Even and Uniform Distortion, the covers collection Tribute To 2, and the collaborative orchestral album The Order of Nature.

Meanwhile, My Morning Jacket have reissued 2003’s It Still Moves and their 1999 debut The Tennessee Fire.
The Waterfall II:
01 Spinning My Wheels
02 Still Thinkin
03 Climbing the Ladder
04 Feel You
05 Beautiful Love (Wasn’t Enough)
06 Magic Bullet
07 Run It
08 Wasted
09 Welcome Home
10 The First Time


Rufus Wainwright - Unfollow the Rules


My Morning Jacket listening party in 5 mins on their YouTube channel.

I’ll have the album in the box tomorrow :blush:


The new Rufus Wainwright is a delight. I haven’t cared for his past few much, but this is solid. He sounds fantastic. I think Rufus is one of the more under-appreciated artists/songwriters we have.



This is really great stuff. I really like Gillian and Dave.





It’s been in the box, Dougo!
I have been loving it!!


I should check the box more often, I guess.


f*cking love this.


It’s pretty magical.


what is it?


The new/old MMJ album.


This song reminds me of Pink Floyd a bit.


Yes, there is a Breathe feel to it.