New releases you are looking forward to


I was just listening to Gillian’s The Harrow & The Harvest album yesterday. A good Sunday record.



I love the Waterfall part two. It’s all I’ve been listening to.


It’s got me listening to the first one again. I think I actually prefer the new one, but I had forgotten how much I like the first one too.


Just filled in my shipping info for Neal’s photography book and the cover record that comes with it:

I still miss Neal.


Right now I think I like part two more too.

But I’m in the early lovefest with it still.


New Otis Gibbs:



I only waited 11 years. I actually bought my first blu-ray play back then, just because he had announced that there would be bonus tracks on the blu-ray version. Jesus, I’m a sucker.


This Sturgill Simpson bluegrass record drops tomorrow. This interests me.

Why does it remind me of this?


So I imagine this is a painting of George Jones?


Yes, it’s by Wes Freed the guy that does album covers for the Drive by Truckers… and the opossum is on the way to the liquor store.


I’ll have it in the box tomorrow

TP wildflowers comes out tomorrow!!


I’m listening to the mp3s. It sounds great.


I just pre-ordered the NYA Vol. 2 box set at NYA. And the link for the pre-order is already removed from the store. I think the fucker already sold out. Not surprised. I think it’s only a limited edition of 3,000. I hate that. That’s a shitty thing to do your fans. I really hope they at least do a digital version for the Neil Young fans that missed out on it. Or maybe the pre-order was put up prematurely & it had to be taken down. Anyhow …$249.98 .


I have a feeling that a digital version will be obtainable somehow.


I might have to turn it into a “drop” box set.


I heard ole’ Neil put her down.


That’s OK, a southern man don’t need him around anyhow


Alright friends…it’s uploading.
TP Wildflowers and all the Rest SUPER DELUXE version! :sunflower:

5 discs, 70 tracks.

I cleared almost everything out of the box to make room!

New Sturgill and new Bruce Springsteen added too.