New releases you are looking forward to




Is it all there?


If you need a bigger space for things like music, is a pretty good site, gives you 15gb for free


Thanks. I’m good on Dropbox space but I don’t know if everyone else is.

Please let me know if all 70 tracks are showing for you guys.


Looks like they are all there. I d’led and have 5 cds worth. Haven’t opened each one, but the few random ones I checked were complete. It’s 560 MB in size.

Can’t wait to listen! As always, thank you for all you do for the box.


I see Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy Vol. 2 is in the box. I was unaware of this series & there was first one in Sept. with an unreleased Jeff Tweedy song titled “Whisper”. Does anyone have it & willing to put it in the box? I’d buy it but apparently these releases were one day only on Bandcamp.


I got an instant download of one of the previously unreleased tracks from the upcoming Neil Young Archives Vol. 2. It’s Neil Young & The Stray Gators - Come Along And Say You Will. It’s in the box if anyone is interested.


That Neil Young is gonna need its own box…


No shit. Might need to put it up a few discs at a time.


Just got this & added to the box.


Nice. Thanks!


Another unreleased track from NYA Vol. 2 was sent to those that pre-ordered the box set. It’s called Homefires & it’s in the box.


I like the new Tweedy; the new Springsteen is excellent; listened to these two back to back last night. On the docket for today is watching the Springsteen documentary about the album on Apple TV.

The Tweedy one, as usual, has great lyrics. I dare say I find his solo albums more interesting than Wilco’s latest ones. I’ve listened to Ode to Joy maybe twice. Anyway, Love is King is really good.

Loving the opening track on Springsteen’s Letter to You, One Minute You’re Here. Other standouts for me are The Power of Prayer, and Rainmaker. The production is so good on this album, sounds so good on headphones.

Still digging through the 70 songs on the Wildflowers release; loving this deep dive into the background on this album.


The Tweedy Show is so good. On Jeff’s wife’s Instagram. I’m not sure how often it’s on but their show count is something like 109. It’s awkward as hell and their kids are great. Friday’s show included Nels Cline and a bass player I didn’t recognize. Great stuff.


the new bruce is spectacular. best album of his since the rising…i dare say?

i plowed snow for 4 hours on sat and had a chance to listen front and back. really love it.


This record looks pretty interesting. I listened to the Rodney Crowell song and enjoyed it.

Three stars!


Totally agree, really high quality stuff this one.


The 50th anniversary of CSNY Deja Vu is coming out later this year and it sounds like there are a few new gems to be added. Interesting demo with Nash accompanied by Joni Mitchell.


What? A new Tragically Hip record, unearthed from the Road Apples sessions!

This is great news.


I just joined the forum and wanted to take the opportunity to say hello (so: hello).

And when I say your earlier post about the latest Springsteen album , it struck me that I made a playlist with an alternate version. If one trims it down to about 40 minutes – the length of a typical 70s LP, – you would not only get a good record, but one of the strongest in his entire catalogue, at least in my book. Here is my selection:

Letter to You
House of a Thousand Guitars
Burnin’ Train

If I was the Priest
Janey Needs …
Power of Prayer
I’ll See You in My Dreams

(And I do think that the album should have been titled “I’ll See You in My Dreams” instead, but that is a different matter.)