New releases you are looking forward to


glad you made it here!

i like your arrangement. this album is going to hold up pretty good and end up being one of his best.

any reason why you didn’t put “one minute you’re here” on there? i think it’s the best track on the record and a great opener…really sets the tone for the journey you’re about to go on.


Great question! I guess I left the song out because of the production. It is so sparse, while all the other tracks are full-out band performances. But it is, as you say, a great opening track and it could, of course, also be included – the album would then still be shorter than, for example, the E-street Shuffle.

And I am still a bit amazed that he managed to put out a full-out rock album of this quality at this point. And when I first heard that “Janey …” was among the tracks, I was actually very disappointed (his re-recordings of older songs are rarely any good compared to the originals). But I actually think “Janey …” is among his best recordings from the last decades, although “If I Was the Priest” would be my number one pick – for me, it ranks among his top-ten [edit: ok, top twenty] songs ever.




Really nice arrangement!

I love If I Was the Priest – I play this a lot on guitar, a lot of fun, and interesting chord progression

I agree with Balv too, I love One Minute You’re Here.


Thanks a lot! I love “If I Was the Priest” to pieces. It is just perfect, including his vocals.


Definitely! I love how energetic and passionate the vocals are, especially the melody on that opening verse


Dare I ask if someone else has started to look forward to Ryan Adams’ “Big Colors” [taking cover]?
Since hearing the first songs and snippets back in 2019, I have been almost aggressively uninterested in the album (similar to both the S/T and “Prisoner” albums). And I will never forgive him for what he turned “Goodbye Sunshine” into. But the last couple of weeks I have really warmed up to the song “Do Not Disturb” and I have also grown very fond of (the non-album track) “Here Comes the Light” . (And I do think that “Wednesdays” is awesome.) So, to my own surprise, I kind of look forward to basking myself in this one … please, help me God.




We don’t do that here.

Well, @Jerry does.


hey man, to each their own…aside from his music and lyrics just sucking for over ten years (with the occassional gem; see Willow Lane) he’s a self-absorbed pompous twat that wanted Ava to show him her age in the hottest nudest way possible…he continually treated women and friends like utter dogshit…

i can appreciate some endearing and sentimental songs from the past…see La Cienengnanagga, dear chicago, english girls, halloween, and please do not let me go
but i’m not into supporting his future projects. and i’ll always keep on whiskeytwon if it comes on…the sheer amount of warm fuzzy memories it conjures from hanging w/ my brother is enough to stomach dancing with the women at the bar


I’ll be listening, already ordered the vinyl but it’s not scheduled to come until well after release date.


Ha ha, 3–0, your advantage.
The Cardinals is were it is at for me – the mighty sound they made has spun a tight little web around my soul that I will never be able to free myself from.
And although I am well-aware of his lack in qualities as a human being (which probably brings him close to a centipede), I will continue to follow his musical path, wherever it might lead (hell, will most likely be the end station for him as a person). Sometimes I try to comport myself with the fact that I also have albums that I love by the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Phil Specter and most likely even worse culprits (my collection includes metal and rap sections). (I am not trying to start a debate, just giving som context.)


Fuck Ryan Adams


Even if I ignore his character, his music has been on a steady downhill slide as far as I am concerned. Post 2006 just went boom. It’s competent rock, but I want more than that. You need to have something to communicate to write good music. When it simply becomes ‘what you do’ it often suffers.


Chains of Love. 'Nuff said.


yeah man.

tons of scum bags out there that make great music.

one of them in particular i spent a ton of time and money on…rhymes with shmyan shmadas


i’ll see your chains of love and raise you an invisible riverside…royal flush


Or some sort of flush, for sure.


All I can think of:


Yeah, the most material he has put out since moving to LA have been bland and worse (fully morphing into LA scum has been devastating for his songwriting). His pursuit of the Smiths sound is a massive waste of time and energy – it is truly impossible for him to emulate a British/European sensibility – and “Prisoner” ain’t no “Tunnel of Love”, to say the least …

On the other hand, he is probably the single greatest American songwriter in the folk/country/rock genre that has emerged since Springsteen (he should stick to his guns). Actually, a while back ago I made playlists with “alternative” versions of his solo albums to match the more restricted volume and the LP format of Springsteen’s output his first decade 1973–1982 – imagine “Heartbreaker” being 37 minutes long, etc. – and those are crushingly good. I would say that such a selection is perhaps even stronger than Springsteen’s (for example, Springsteen recorded one double-album, “The River”, so I made one out of “JCN” and “Cold Roses” – if those songs would have been cut for a double-album it would have pretty much slayed most other double-albums put out). That said, Ryan was, of course, never even close to Springsteen as a lyricist, musical trailblazer, band leader, cultural force (etc) … or human being, for that matter.

By the way, I titled my playlist for Ryan’s post-Cardinals period (2010–) … “Wasted Years”. :smiley: But I would say that in between songs such as “Chains of Love”, “Lucky Now” (I will never forgive him for what he tried to do with that one) and “Shiver and Shake” there has been some stellar stuff. I love “Dirty Rain” to pieces (besides the lyrics, it is PERFECT – but, once again, he is way better with melodies than words) and among the songs that are on par with his earlier stuff are: “Red & Orange Special”, “When You Cross Over”, “Birmingham”, “Shining Through the Dark”, “How Much Light”, “Jacksonville” and “Darkness”. It hurts my soul to think about how they would have sounded with Cardinals on full force.