New releases you are looking forward to


Autumn will be boss – it seems like “Tracks 2” is finally coming (skip to 5.01):


Fun Fact: the cover art for Big Colors is an image Ryan received from an underage girl when he asked her to send him a picture of her pussy.


Make sense, after the self-titled album he could use all the help he can get on that front. I always suspected that Bozo the monkey painted the cover art for “Prisoner”.



Yep. Lu was the first to come to mind.


Excellently written article that says everything that needs to be said.

"Without redemption, he’s just another toxic asshole who’s sometimes good at writing songs, and there’s no shortage of those. "

And that’s the most telling sentence of the article. I simply cannot separate the art from the artist. I cannot. As old as I am I still have to live with sexual, verbal and physical abuse from my childhood, from people who were all charm and “loveable”., who never changed. And it totally fucking floors me that I know people who will still support this fucking cunt. Fuck you, Ryan Adams. May God forgive you but I never will.


New Strand Of Oaks.


New Caitlin Rose. Finally.


she is good.

you posted her before and i went and downloaded a bunch on itunes.


I love her records, will check this out!


New War on Drugs coming Oct 29:

Why must bands release the first single three months in advance?! Now I have to ignore it until the album comes out so I don’t kill the song.


I don’t mean to be negative here, but about a month ago I talked about upcoming Springsteen releases with a friend who is also a bit of a hardcore fan. We were both (obviously overly) enthusiastic and (dimwittedly) agreed on that we almost certainly faced a win-win situation this year – either “Tracks 2” or some kind of BITUSA/Nebraska box release as corona-comfort (what can I say, we are apparently more like Jeff Daniels & Jim Carrey, than the Nostradamus twins).
Now, it is confirmed that we get the “No Nukes” film:
While I have all the respect for those who welcome this as good news , I however … don’t. DISAPPOINTED!


I remember listening to the No Nukes concert on the radio and making a cassette tape of it. Great musicians delivering pretty great performances is what I remember. I hope it features all the other performers involved too.

Tracy Chapman, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt that I remember and others too. I might still have the cassette tapes.






Watched her perform that song on Fallon last night. Quite a performance.


I’m subscribed to the Vinyl Releases subreddit and let me tell you, I AM NOT looking forward to most of the repress/rereleases of garbage I CANNOT believe anyone is waiting for when there’s only two pressing houses in the US. I’ve been waiting on the Buzzard repress for three months now (it’s three months late), but this morning I see Martina McBride’s Christmas album is getting a limited color press…. Sorry what? Who the fuck do they think is buying vinyl from Urban Oufitters? I’m so over seeing a handful of these big box store represses announced daily getting manufactured before new releases from independent artists. It’s insult to injury that so many of them aren’t even analog recordings, so what the fuck is the point of pressing it? It’s just an inconvenient, overpriced CD!


Would you care for a toffee?


But speaking of melted sugar….

These are really good! Great with coffee. :slight_smile: