New releases you are looking forward to


The bootleg with the original “Infidels” mixes truly kicks ass (as much as it is one of my favorite Dylan records). More guitars and way funkier. Especially, “Someone’s Got a Hold of My Heart”. Knopfler FTW (at least on that one). This entry in the bootleg series will easily qualify as one of the best.


Sorry for continually hyping these guys, but they are really an inspiration.

LA Times story


Isbell is a better songwriter than Ryan for sure. He’s a little preachy lately but his work stands for him.


That guitar Hidalgo is playing is a beauty.


Looks like it might be an L4.

Usually a Tele or Strat is strapped to him.


I’m seeing them with Emmylou Harris next week.


I think perhaps it might be an ES 125 TDC.

Which is basically a Gibson version of the Epiphone Sorrento.


I think you are right, definitely P-90’s.


I keep getting ads for these:


If I was a bobble head I’d be rocking one of those.


I was just going to say something about my garden gnome being tired of playing air guitar.


But talk about utterly pointless products. We really need to tax boomers more.



But just for the old.


About the upcoming Springsteen release, the word now seems to be that it will be a bigger release. Instead of just the “No Nukes” thing, it is rumored that it will be a whole box of taped performances. No hard evidence yet, though.



thanks bakamomo



That’s some real deep throat shit right there.



Fuck yeah!! My favorite band ever!!


Springsteen has another E Street record in the can, according to Brandon Flowers: