New releases you are looking forward to




Cant even remotely take this guy seriously.


I really love Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth: The Jacobites. Nikki passed away in 2006 & Dave passed away last September. Easy Action Records reissues a lot of their recordings. Swell Maps (Nikki’s old band) & The Hawks (Dave’s old band) both have some music being reissued/released very soon. Most people won’t care. They weren’t household names by any means.




My favorite album so far this year:




He’s a fake of a fake of a fake. He couldn’t be original if you cut him open.


What if he were to play a festival for drunken nudists?


They’d see through him too. Sorry to be so harsh but this dude is retread.


I’ll concede his albums after The Fine Art Of Self Destruction haven’t been much to brag about. But, my oldest brother got me the first D Generation album for Christmas in 1994. And I’m loyal to a fault. I’m a fan for life. And I’ll always buy his new albums in hope I’ll like it better than the previous one.

I kinda doubt that. I suspect their full attention will be focused elsewhere. You and your band might receive more appreciation playing to absolutely no one in your basement.


I don’t have a basement. Sorry I insulted your man crush.


Hey Jerry–you’re being a dick again. I know it’s your default setting, but I recall reading a post of yours saying you were trying to be better, and I think it had to do with being an asshole drunk, don’t remember for sure.

If Inky thinks your boy sucks, then she thinks he sucks. Your being a shitweasel isn’t going to change that or make that low-rent Johnny Thunders knock-off put out a good record.


When I saw Ryan at The Apollo Halloween 2008, Jesse Malin was sitting right behind me.

I did not speak to him.


Oh come on. I insult a hack musician and you get personal with me? Wrong room.


Nothing will make that boy put out a good record, point well made


My friend Lucy Lowis, who I designed the cover and art for her first album has been asked to be on this compilation for Kill Rock Stars. She’s covering at least one Elliott Smith song. Pretty excited for this… she has been getting boatloads of plays on Spotify, which at least has gotten her music noticed. She just started her senior year of high school.


Awesome! And good to know about this KRS release.


New Emmylou live album with the Nash Ramblers:


dude. what the hell.

jesse malin sucks…it’s as universal as knowing everyone loves ice cream and kittens. his cover of “hungry heart” still upsets me


Jerry is no longer here.