New releases you are looking forward to



jesus christ people. get some thicker skin


He banned or did he just quit?


I don’t want to divulge too much, but Jerry just thought it was for the best. It wasn’t really about people getting to him. He didn’t like how he handled himself in this thread.


Well, hopefully he can get to a point where he feels he’s done enough work on himself to come back. I actually liked Jerry a fair amount. We’re fundamentally very different but I enjoyed that he didn’t have a curated internet persona-- he was very much a real person, shades of gray and not black and white. I really liked that he didn’t write me off as a person for being a SJW even if he didn’t agree with it. He walked the walk when he said that we don’t have to agree on everything. I’ll miss him too.


i like jerry and others here a ton. dissenting opinions or not…you can have those all you want…and obviously you don’t need my permission…but if you come off as smug dick like dan…not gonna hurt my feelings.

come on back jerry and monkey…and…dan


But mostly @Ely_Plains!


Well damn. That’s a drag.



i emailed him a couple weeks back


Man, that sucks about Jerry. And Ely.


I need to clean out my storage, I bet I have that Malin Destruction CD somewhere.

This place got spicy?


Never as spicy as when you were posting here! We need that librarian spice. Which, by the way, was rejected as a member of the Spice Girls. True story.


dude. you left and all hell broke loose. stick around.


New member Ely, but the words of Otis (okay, Dan Penn) seems relevant. I will just leave them here:
“You left the water running when you left me here behind /
You left the water running, running from these eyes of mine”


Love you ely.




Mmm. Cat Power’s “Cross Bones Style” and “I’m Through” by Vic Chestnutt!



what is that?