New releases you are looking forward to


Noah Gundersen’s new album, out next month.


Sometimes Salvation is one of the best Black Crowes songs.

Pulling off a REM cover or a Black Crowes cover is no easy task. I’ll be curious to check them out.


Blackberry Smoke is releasing an EP of Rolling Stones covers, recorded direct to analog tape and onto vinyl for Record Store Day. Recorded in the same studio and set up as Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit did a few years ago.

Blackberry Smoke, ‘Stoned’ Track Listing
Side A

  1. “All Down the Line”
  2. “Sway”
  3. “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’”

Side B
4. “Tumbling Dice”
5. “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)”
6. “I Got the Blues”
7. “Street Fighting Man”

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pre-ordered the vinyl


I think I still have cassette tapes I recorded off the radio of the No Nukes concert.

Bonnie, Jackson, Tracy, the Police and Springsteen?


Sounds right


Figured this would be nice to have on vinyl, a little birthday gift to myself. The live shows on it have been bootlegged to death though.


The baby will sue you.


Well, you see… Actually, I AM that baby! (Dun-dun-duuuuuuuuuuuun!)


“Well, you see… Actually, I AM that baby! (Dun-dun-duuuuuuuuuuuun!)”

My deepest condolences.



listened to this the other day. damn fine cover.


they just put up tshirts to go w/ this set.

i snagged one


And they look pretty darn good too in muted black – muchas gracias for the heads-up (Bruce with side-burns FTW).



The Delines The Sea Drift. Next month


Thanks for the tip. Their first album is stellar.


Hey Brits–whatever happened to Badly Drawn Boy. His first album was stellar and they kind of slid slowly down a bit after that. If he still a functioning entity?


Scenic Sessions and The Imperial are also great. Amy Boone is fabulous. Willy Vlautin has also written some very good novels. :sunflower: