New releases you are looking forward to


Yeah, he has created an impressive body of work. Sad that Richmond F broke up – I thought that their last one was one of their strongest (and that says a lot).


Richmond B on the other hand should be broken up.


I am patiently waiting for the new Eddie Vedder release.
After hearing a couple of the singles from it, I’m looking forward to hearing the rest.


I saw Into the Wild a week or two ago and really enjoyed the soundtrack.



I love the guy, but so many of these so far are acoustic performances within about 12 months of each other. I’d like to see a wider swath of material, and more full band stuff too.


I like both the acoustic & full band stuff. I’m hoping the next go round will get us some kick ass Crazy Horse shows during the prime of Neil’s career.


Really excited for the new Kendrick.


This one seems like a no-brainer.


New John Moreland July 22:


I do prefer the brief interlude without the stutter drums though


And John Moreland just announced a show in Louisville! :heart:

It’s seated in a GA venue and I just got two in the front row.