New releases you are looking forward to


I’ve been listening to this Uncle Tupelo compilation album lately and have grown a greater admiration for Jay Farrar.



Billy was in town last night, but I couldn’t pull the trigger on going. Evidently I couldn’t just walk up and buy a ticket and go without paying some stupid ticket service fees.

Wings stadium is such an awful venue… It would have been a shame to see great music performed with such horrible acoustics.

I did see or something is streaming his next several shows for “free”…


Yeah. I have a nugs subscription but will most likely not be watching. He was fun to see a few times and he’s very talented but just doesn’t do it for me.

A few other bands I love to see and love to listen to their live shows are on nugs so the subscription was worth it for me.


I actually watched his Austin City Limits Festival in it’s entirety and though it was pretty sweet. Other side of that coin is I really don’t care for his studio albums.



Yep I love watching him play but the albums are kind of sterile. Too much bluegrass makes me insane.



I actually love bluegrass when it is done right, and Billy knows how to do it right.

It’s when he does it wrong that makes him special and he does it wrong better than anyone.


Come to papa.



Here’s what’s on it:

This year me and Amanda recorded four songs for Record Store Day, together in the studio. One of mine that hasn’t been released on anything else, and one of hers too — mine is “Hired Gun” and hers is “Old Habits.” And then we did an acoustic version of “Tour of Duty” with me and Amanda and (400 Unit guitarist) Sadler (Vaden). [That’s a remake of an older Isbell original. originally released on a 2011 album.] And Richard Thompson’s “Beeswing.” It’s a four-song super-set.




I remember him doing Keep Your Distance back in 2011 or so.


I’d really like to hear this Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell record store EP with their cover of Richard Thompson’s Beeswing.



Seems very promising … if one disregards the pretentious narration (they should have skipped the voice over or gone all in using William Shatner instead).

“Grown-up Songs Played by Grown-Ass People” would be a truly grand album title.


Or waited until April 1 to put this video out.


Who says things like these are grown up songs played by grown up people? I do generally really enjoy his music but he talks so much shite it’s starting to spoil it all slightly for me, to the point I rarely choose to listen to him deliberately these days.


Time to just exclusively listen to Jason Molina. Hard to be annoying when you’re not only dead but largely obscure.