New releases you are looking forward to


I’ve been listening to this Uncle Tupelo compilation album lately and have grown a greater admiration for Jay Farrar.



Billy was in town last night, but I couldn’t pull the trigger on going. Evidently I couldn’t just walk up and buy a ticket and go without paying some stupid ticket service fees.

Wings stadium is such an awful venue… It would have been a shame to see great music performed with such horrible acoustics.

I did see or something is streaming his next several shows for “free”…


Yeah. I have a nugs subscription but will most likely not be watching. He was fun to see a few times and he’s very talented but just doesn’t do it for me.

A few other bands I love to see and love to listen to their live shows are on nugs so the subscription was worth it for me.


I actually watched his Austin City Limits Festival in it’s entirety and though it was pretty sweet. Other side of that coin is I really don’t care for his studio albums.